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Referencing ABS as the Source

Fact Sheets and FAQs

Dictionary of Statistical Terms
  • A quick reference guide to ABS terminology.

Statistical Language
  • An educational resource designed to improve understanding of fundamental statistical concepts.

Glossary of Statistical Geography Terminology
  • Contains brief explanations and definitions of various geographical terms and classifications used in ABS products.

Statistical Classifications

Online Video Tutorials
  • Online tutorials to help you to understand and use ABS information.

ABS Training Courses
  • The ABS provides a variety of training and learning opportunities through the National Statistical Training Institute (NSTI).
  • The NSTI offers a range of courses suitable for all levels, from beginners through to those with an advanced level of statistical understanding.
  • Courses are conducted in all States and Territories.

Further Resources

We encourage the use of ABS statistics in the media, and in return ask that you correctly attribute the Australian Bureau of Statistics (or ABS) as the source, as per our copyright terms and attribution guidelines.