2006 Census of Population and Housing - Product Brief

CENSUS TABLES - cat. no. 2068.0

The Census Tables product is no longer available. For access to 2006 Census data, please visit the 2006 data page. TableBuilder Basic is a free online tool that you can use to build basic or complex tables using Census data.


The Census Tables product is designed for clients who are interested in either data on a particular geographic area, or data on a specific topic. Each of the available tables contain key Census characteristics of persons, families and dwellings, covering most topics on the Census form. These tables are designed to assist in researching, planning and analysing topical issues or geographic areas, enabling comparisons to be made between different areas on a number of social, economic and demographic variables.

Clients will be prompted to select a geographic area, or a topic from a static topic listing, they will then select the table of interest. Once selections are complete they will be presented with the table.These tables will be sourced from the 2006 Community Profile tables and the Census Tables. Tables will only be available for the same geographic area for which the profile is released. For example, if a client requires a topic at CD level they will only be able to access tables from the Basic Community or Place of Enumeration profile as these are the only profiles produced at CD level.

The full list of topics available in the Census tables product is still under development, but will most likely consist of:

First Release
Age & Population Distribution
Child Care
Cultural and Language Diversity
Educational Attainment
Family Formation & Dissolution
Fertility and Fertility Intentions
Home Ownership
Household Characteristics
Housing Costs
Housing Rental

Income (Personal, Family & Household)
Indigenous Education and Training
Indigenous Housing
Indigenous Language & Culture
Indigenous Population Size & Distribution
Internet & Computer Usage
Living Arrangements
Marriage, Partnering, Separation and Divorce
Migration - International
Motor Vehicles
People with a Disability
Population Size and Growth
School Education
Unpaid Housework
Voluntary work
Second Release
Educational Attainment
Employment by Industry
Hours worked
Indigenous Education & Training
Indigenous Labour
Labour Force Participation
Migration - Internal
Transport Access & Use
Time Series

Census Tables Templates


The Census Tables product is aimed at intermediate users. It is also suited to users who wish to access a single topic/table rather than a complete profile.


The geographic areas for Census Tables will depend on the source of the data table. Not all topics may be available for every geography.

First and Second release data available
Product: Region Data ( = Data available at the geographic level.)
ASGC Geographic Areas
Census Geographic Areas
First Release
Second Release
First Release
Second Release
Australia - (Aust)
Suburb – (SSC)
State - (STE)
Postal Area – (POA)
Statistical Division - (SD)
Commonwealth Electoral Division – (CED)
Statistical Subdivision - (SSD)
State Electoral Division – (SED)
Statistical Local Area - (SLA)
Indigenous Regions - (IREG)
Collection District - (CD)
Indigenous Area – (IARE)
Local Government Area - (LGA)
Indigenous Location – (ILOC)
Statistical District - (SDist)
Working Population SLA – (JTW)
Major Statistical Region - (MSR)
Statistical Region - (SR)
Statistical Region Sector - (SRS)
Section of State – (SOS)
Section of State Range – (SOSR)
Urban Centre Locality - (UC/L)
Remoteness Area - (RA)


Census Tables will be available in Excel worksheet format from the ABS web site (www.abs.gov.au).
Clients will have the ability to save and print these files.


Census Tables will have two major releases, additional data will become available progressively after Second Release.

First Release - progressively from June to September 2007
Second Release - progressively from October 2007 to February 2008