Australian Statistician’s Fellowship Program
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Applications Open from 3 June 2013 - 28 June 2013


The Australian Statistician’s Fellowship Program is designed to rapidly develop very high calibre recruits at an early stage of their career. It is seeking talented candidates with demonstrated leadership attributes, academic excellence, work experience with excellent performance and statistical literacy skills who are passionate about the work of the ABS.

This unique opportunity will expose participants to a contemporary and practical experiential development program over a three year period. Participants will be stretched and challenged with a range of corporate placements and development opportunities. Participants will be mentored throughout the Australian Statistician's Fellowship Program, including with ABS Senior Leaders. They will contribute to and shape the strategic directions of the ABS through project work and placements in a number of key business areas.

Participants will commence as ongoing APS 5 employees, and will be able to apply for promotions during the Australian Statistician's Fellowship Program.

The Australian Statistician’s Fellowship Program will commence in February 2014 and conclude in December 2016.

Participants will be based in Canberra for the duration of the Australian Statistician’s Fellowship Program and must be willing to relocate for up to six months in Year 2 to undertake an international or interstate placement.

The program is structured as follows:

Year 1

  • Induction and Orientation
  • Formal Training Program
  • Leading to a nationally recognised qualification (e.g. Advanced Diploma of Government)
  • Corporate Project
  • Corporate Placements (2 x 6 months)

Year 2

  • International/Interstate Placement
  • Corporate Project Presentations
  • Accreditation Ceremony for Formal Qualification

Year 3

  • Census 2016 Placement
  • Graduation Ceremony

Message from the Australian Statistician

Click here to view the Australian Statistician, Brian Pink, talking about the Australian Statistician's Fellowship Program and the high calibre candidates we are looking for.

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Attributes & Qualities of Prospective Candidates

The Australian Statistician’s Fellowship Program is seeking talented candidates in their respective field who are passionate about the work of the ABS, and have the desire to be part of and contribute to this world leading National Statistical Agency. Applicants should be planning for an ongoing career in the Public Service.

Candidates will be a ‘good fit’ for the ABS and understand and appreciate its vision, mission, and forward work program. They will also be aware of the world events and issues that may impact the ABS and APS now and into the future.

Candidates will be intelligent, ambitious and enthusiastic leaders who are not only committed and motivated to furthering the work of the ABS, but who also have the drive and integrity to do so. They will have a demonstrated history of achievement and success, and the ability to be innovative, creative and strategic in their approach.

Candidates must be resilient individuals who have demonstrated their ability to be adaptable and flexible during periods of change and while under pressure. These self-aware candidates will have a willingness to learn and develop, both independently and in a group or team setting.

Furthermore, their high level interpersonal and communication skills will enable them to work strongly in a team setting, appreciating and respecting individual differences.

Candidates will also have capability and experience in people management and leadership, either gained in a work setting or through extra-curricular activities.