About the Streams

Statistical Stream

These work areas collect and analyse data that are used to inform research, discussion and decision making within governments and the community. In undertaking this work, the ABS, as producer of official statistics, plays a key role in the democratic process by providing the Australian people with a picture of significant aspects of our social, economic and environmental conditions and how these vary across the country, and are changing over time.

      Relevant Degrees and/or Experience Include:

      Accounting/Finance, Commerce, Demography, Econometrics, Economics, Geography, Humanities, Industrial Relations, Information Management, Market Research, Mathematics, Policy/ Legislation/Planning, Project Management, Psychology, Social Sciences and Statistics

Employees in the statistical stream can work in either Population, Labour and Social Statistics Group (PLaSS) or, Economic & Environment Statistics Group (EESG) or certain sections of the ABS 2017 Group. For more information about these areas click on the group name.

Methodology and Data Management Stream

The Methodology and Data Management Division (MDMD) provides the expertise on methods relating to the design, collection, compilation, analysis, dissemination and management of statistical data. We use innovative and relevant research to continually improve ABS methods, business processes and approaches, and support the statistical areas of the ABS in implementing best practice in their data collections. MDMD develops new analytical products and methodology and provides analysis services to producers and users of social and economic data. We also undertake research in economics, econometrics and statistics to guide ABS statistical development and debate on important social and economic issues. MDMD also undertakes a range of statistical leadership activities focused on increasing the understanding and uses of statistics by government, research organisations and the wider community.

      Relevant Degrees and/or Experience Include:

      Accounting/Finance, Business/Management, Econometrics, Economics, Humanities, Information Management, Market Research, Mathematics, Operations Research, Psychology, Social Sciences and Statistics.

For more information on areas of work within Methodology and data management please click on the following link Methodology and Data Management Division.

Services Stream

The Services areas cover varied roles and assist the ABS to achieve its mission and are in some instances the public face of the ABS as well as helpling to shape the future of the ABS. In this stream you will have the opportunity to to specialise in diverse range of work programs and/ or projects. In this stream you may:

  • enjoy striving for excellence with your strong interpersonal skill and proven client focus.
  • have strong communication skills, be flexible, adaptable and innovative.
  • be mindful of relevant legislation
  • be capable of working with key stakeholders to understand their information needs
  • provide leadership in process innovation, application development or infrastructure integration.
  • provide support for software or in data communications or systems/data administration,

You may also have an academic background or experience in areas such as those listed in the table below.

      Relevant Degrees and/or Experience Include:

      Accounting, Business/Management, Commerce, Communications, Econometrics, Humanities, Information Management, Market Research, Policy/Legislation/Planning, Project Management, Psychology, Social Sciences, Statistics, Human Resource Management, Industrial Relations, Librarianship, Software Engineering, Computer Science, Information and Communications Technology, Web Design and Development, Infrastructure Design and Support, Information Management, Enterprise Architecture, Business Analysis, Business Informatics

Employees in the Services Stream can work in the Corporate Services Division, Technology Services Division or ABS 2017 Group. For more information about these Divisions click on the division link.