PSO Interviewer Pre-Employment Pack


Congratulations on your acceptance as a trainee in the ABS Interviewer Development Program. You have been selected because we feel confident that with training, you will become a valuable member of the ABS Interviewer team. The Pre-Employment Pack contains information which you must read before commencing your ABS Interviewer Development Program training. Details of your training have been provided to you in a cover letter from your local Regional Office. If you do not know the details of your training dates and times please contact your local Regional Office.

This material explains the purpose and structure of the ABS and the role of ABS Interviewers. There are four components of this pack and you will receive payment for reading these, and then completing the questionnaire. You will need to have completed answers to all questions prior to attendance on the first day of training.
Interviewer Information Pack

The Interviewer Information Pack contains useful information about what it is to be a part of the ABS and specifically what it is to be a Field Interviewer. It provides background information necessary to complete your ABS Interviewer Development Program training.
Interviewers' Enterprise Agreement 2011-2014

The ABS Interviewers' Enterprise Agreement 2011-2014 outlines the employment arrangements and conditions under which you are employed. The contents of this agreement have been agreed to by ABS management and Interviewers, and have been certified by the Australian Industrial Relations Commission.
Occupational Health and Safety Manual

The ABS Interviewer Interviewers OHS and Remote Travel Manual provides you with an understanding of Interviewers' responsibilities and ABS arrangements in relation to Occupational Health and Safety.
Questionnaire and Certificate of Completion

The questionnaire will bring together your knowledge from your pre-training readings. Provision of a completed questionnaire and Certificate of Completion is required before payment can be processed.