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Welcome to the help pages for the Environment Indicators Survey 2015-16.

These pages contain information designed to help businesses understand and complete the questions asked on the survey.

For common questions about participation in ABS business surveys, please see Business Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

For information about what to do if the business ceased operating before or during the 2015-16 period, please refer to Business changes.

For help using the online survey tool (eSurvey) please see eSurvey Help.

If your question about the Environment Indicators Survey is not answered on these pages you can also call the freecall (excluding mobile phones) phone number on the Contact Us page.


The Environment Indicators Survey (EIS) is related to, but separate from, the Energy, Water and Environment Survey (EWES). EWES is conducted every three years, with EIS being conducted in the intervening two years. EIS is a smaller survey than EWES and has only selected data items for selected industries. Estimates from EIS are used to measure and monitor key energy and water statistics between the larger EWES survey. Results from the EIS are used by the ABS in the compilation of the Energy Account, Australia (cat. no. 4604.0) and Water Account, Australia (cat. no. 4610.0). Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more information about participation in ABS business surveys.

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