2011 ABS P3M3 Assessment

    The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) commissioned an independent assessment using the Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Maturity Model (P3M3) to assess it's capability to commission, manage and realise benefits from ICT-enabled projects. The use of the P3M3 assessment model for this purpose is consistent with government policy.

    Based on the P3M3 model, the overall assessed maturity level of Portfolio, Programme and Project Management is equal to the lowest process perspective score. The assessment found that the ABS rated Level 2 maturity for each of Portfolio, Programme and Project Management. The ABS results indicate that more than half of the process perspective maturity level rating assessments were above two, with a highest rating of 4 on Portfolio organisational governance.

    The report will be reviewed and details incorporated into the ABS P3M3 Capability Improvement Plan. Striving for excellence in project delivery, the ABS acknowledges the report as a good base from which to strengthen it's capabilities and invest for the future, taking into account relevant resource constraints and opportunities.

    ABS P3M3 - Assessment Report v1.0.docABS P3M3 - Assessment Report v1.0.doc
    ABS P3M3 - Assessment Report v1.0.doc

    Brian Pink
    Australian Statistician

    September 2011