List of Supporters of the 2006 Census

2006 Census - Official Census Supporters Group

The following is a list of our supporters and what they have to say about why the Census is vital to their organisation, and why it's important to fill in your form on Census night, August 8, as accurately as possible.



ABC Television QLD

Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation Division

"Make a difference - stand up and be counted. For governments to be able to assist and support Indigenous communities, we need to know where you live, the size and make up of your families and communities, the number of young and elderly people, and your education and employment experiences. use the Census to make sure your governments are working for you."

Aboriginal Housing Board of Victoria

Aboriginal Housing Office

Aboriginal Justice Advisory Council
"Being counted in the Census will help make the decisions where to put services like hospitals, schools and roads. This can help your community. If you need help just ring 1300 362 883 (beginning July 28th) or have a look on the internet on / census. Remember, filling out the Census form the right way could help your community for years to come."

ACT and Region Chamber of Commerce

ACT Division of General Practice
"Business and community need accurate information on the country's state of affairs","such as higher education. By filling out the Census","you will be helping Australia forward plan for a better future."

ACT Small Business Commissioner

Adelaide City Council

Adelaide Football Club
"Management of a football club relies heavily on reliable, accurate and up-to-date data - and the same surely applies to running the country; in particular with respect to the future needs of the people!"

Adelaide United Football Club

"Accurate information about the people of Australia is critical for all sports. It is hard to think of an area of sport in this country that is not affected by the information contained in the Census, ranging from the location of sporting facilities, to the availability of programs for different age groups and genders, to the languages used in training and coaching. The AFL encourages everyone in Australia with an interest in sport to complete the Census to help all sports plan their future."

Alice Springs Town Council
"Alice Springs Town Council is pleased to be a sponsor of the 2006 Census. The Census is vitally important to communities, private institutions and all levels of government. Census figures are used as the basis for many planning decisions such as where to provide services for the elderly, our young people and the many indigenous communities throughout Central Australia. I encourage all Australians to participate in the 2006 Census, your contribution will assist in strengthening communities."

Anglican Church of Australia
"Who is my neighbour? is a question many ask today. When you participate in the Census, you're not merely filling out a form. You're opening a window to a different future - one that could make life better in your street, neighbourhood and city. Change only begins when you take time getting to know the neighbours."

Anglican Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn
"We Australians being diverse backgrounds and cultures into one nationhood. Nationhood is built through trust, respect and shared values. To build a sustainable community we need basic information about one another. Please participate fully with the Census."

Australian Broadcasting Group

Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
"The Australian Census is essential to knowing who we are. It forms the centrepiece of all economic and social statistics, and without it Governments and businesses would find it immeasurably harder to plan for the future. Governments would struggle to know where to put schools, hospitals, and police stations; and businesses would struggle to know where to build shops, houses and factories. Therefore ACCI strongly supports the Census and encourages you to complete the Census form accurately."

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

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Australian Council of State School Organisations (ACSSO)
"Accurate Census information is essential to enable us to provide advice to government and develop information resource to assist parents and families of students in all parts of the country. A complete picture of today's families and communities will help everyone to plan more effectively for the future."

Australian Education Union (Victorian Branch)
"When you fill in the Census form, you are providing important information to guide governments in planning to meet our future education needs."

Australian Federal Police Association
"Strategically focused Federal Policing outcomes are the result of informed long term planning and intelligent environmental modelling. Contemporary Australian Bureau of Statistics data is critical to both these outcomes. Accurate contribution to this Census contributes to the best possible Federal Policing services both within Australia and abroad."

Australian Football League

Australian Institute of Criminology
"To develop effective crime prevention and reduction strategies we need to be able to map crime hotspots with basic characteristics about the demographic and social profile of the Australian population. When you're filling out your Census form, think about the importance of the Census data in enabling effective policy related research to reduce crime victimisation in our community."

Australian Institute of Family Studies
"Australia leads the world in the collection of Census data. The Australian Census provides vital information that is used daily by those who plan services, develop policies and advance out understanding of Australian families. I strongly encourage every Australian to complete the form on Census night."

Australian National University
"The Australian Population Census is the primary source of information about Australian households. It underpins the social analysis and research that helps makes policy responsive to our diverse and changing characteristics."

Australian Parents Council Inc
"Parents need schools to be able to assist them in preparing their children to live in the world of today and tomorrow. We need an accurate picture of today's world to identify the knowledge and skills our children will need."

Australia Post

Australian Primary Principals Association
"The Australian Primary Principals Association urges every Australian to complete their Census form. This information is vital to help plan for future schools and our children's educational needs. A 100 per cent response would ensure we get our future planning spot on."

Australian Principals Federation
"It is critical to a healthy and productive Australian society that education and particularly government schools are adequately resourced. This can't happen without first obtaining the data that is provided by an accurate Census. I encourage all Australians to accurately complete their Census form."

Australian Prudential Regulation Authority

Australian Research Council
"The Australian Census provides insights into changing levels of demand for jobs, housing, hospitals, roads and education. Monitoring trends helps Australia keep pace with the needs of its population and ensures that benefits are delivered to the community both now and well into the future."

Australian Vice-Chancellor's Committee (AVCC)
"For Australia to forward plan governments, business and community need accurate information on the country's state of affairs, such as higher education. By filling out the Census, you will be helping Australia forward plan for a better future."

Australian Youth Affairs Coalition

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Baptist Union of Australia Inc

Bedford Incorporated

Brightwater Care Group
"Brightwater provides services to hundreds of people, young and old, enabling them to live with all sorts of health challenges. When you fill out your Census this year, you'll be helping government and organisations like Brightwater plan the services for all of us in the future."

Bundaberg City Council

Business Council of Australia
"Without a precise snapshot of Australia's population it is difficult to predict future requirements and opportunities. When filling out your Census form think about how clear and accurate information will assist in planning for our future."

Canberra Business Council
"The Census is about planning to ensure we are in a position to respond to community and business needs and opportunities. Accuracy in providing information will make sure our needs are met and opportunities are captured and we implore everyone to consider this for Census 2006."

Canberra Raiders

Cancer Council NSW

Cancer Council Victoria

Carers NSW
"For the first time ever in an Australian Census, questions are asked about unpaid caring work for people with disabilities, mental illness or who are frail aged. Unpaid caring work is so vital to our community that it is important we know exactly how many carers are out there. That way, better services and supports can be planned. In the 2006 Census, I say 'Carers stand up and be counted'!"

Carers Victoria
"Are you looking after someone who has a disability or chronic illness? When filling out your Census form please ensure all details are accurate. This will help us identify how many unpaid family carers there are in Australia."

Catholic Archdiocese of Adelaide
"It is vital for our social planning that all Australian's endeavour to participate in the Census this year. The data from the Census is essential for planning for the provision of schools, medical centres and hospitals, for example. I strongly encourage you to participate in the 2006 Australian Census.

Catholic Church Office
"It is vital for our social planning that all Australians endeavour to participate in the Census this year. The data from the Census is essential for planning for the provision of schools, medical centres and hospitals, for example. I strongly encourage you to participate in the 2006 Australian Census."

Central Land Council

Centre for Volunteering
"Volunteering underpins every aspect of society from education to the arts, sport, safety, community, environment, health, welfare and business. Knowing how our community is growing is vital in our planning for the future needs of the community and its reliance on volunteer effort. Please help us to help you by participating in the Census."

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia (CCIWA)
"CCIWA always looks forward to the important information provided by the Official Census. It allows Government and business to work together to plan the future needs of Western Australians to ensure that we can continue to be a prosperous and harmonious community. CCIWA is proud to be an Official Census Supporter and encourages you to complete your form in a timely and accurate manner."

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Channel 31

Clean Up Australia

Cota, Queensland
"The Census is vital tool to enable us to track demographic changes and to plan for Australia's ageing population. We would encourage everybody to complete the census form, especially seniors, so that we can continue to understand changes in where people live and work. The information gained through the Census will enable us to continue to advocate on behalf of seniors."

Council for Multicultural Australia (CMA)

Council of Social Service of NSW
The census provides critical data to plan for our human services and community infrastructure. It helps to define who is in need and where they live and is a basic tool for guiding the fair distribution of Government resources, at all levels."

Council of Social Services of WA
"Counting is essential! WACOSS considers that monitoring impacts and predicting trends are critical ways of identifying where and how Australians are coping with community change. The results from the Australian Census encourage us to look beyond the numbers and to plan for improvements that benefit all Australians."

Country Liberal Party

Country Women's Association of Australia
"The Census is particularly vital to regional and remote areas. Without the correct information about our multicultural and mobile population, it is not possible for government to direct funding for development in these areas."

Cradle Coast Authority

Crocodylus Park
"Governments ability to share costs and benefits equally across society requires a clear picture of how society is structured. The census provides this - it is everybody's business."

Disability Council of Queensland
"An accurate record of the Australian population will assist governments to forecast our future requirements including basics such as access to premises, transport, housing and education. When you're filling out your Census form, think about the difference it will make to have a true and accurate picture of our needs."

Ethnic Communities Council of VIC
"The Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria relies heavily on the Australian Census to inform our knowledge of and policies regarding multicultural communities in Victoria. Please fill out the form correctly to help us meet our communities needs."

Ethnic Communities Council of WA

Executive Council of Australian Jewry
It is important to complete the optional questions on religion, language and ethnicity as this information greatly assists communal planning and resource allocation.

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Father Chris Riley's Youth Off the Streets
"Information collected from the Census helps charities and community organisations as well as government and business to identify the people and the places in Australia most in need of resources and support. Every five years the Census gives us a snap-shot of our country that helps is to evaluate our recent efforts in making Australia a fairer and better place. I urge everyone, especially young people, to fill in the Census so we can keep supporting young people and communities in need."

Federation of African Communities Council
"The official Census will provide governments the tool to design appropriate policies and programs that accurately reflect the make up of our society. It will be the foundation on which all of us rely in shaping our future. It is a document that would generate pride on who we are and will inform the rest of the world where we will be in terms of our diversity from many years to come. Ultimately, it will be the document that will shine our diverse society."

Federation of Australian Buddhist Councils
"To serve the Buddhist community in Australia it is important that we have true and accurate figures. Please take care in completing the Census form and make sure that you are counted."

Federation of Ethnic Communities Council of Australia (FECCA)
"Accurate information about the cultural background of Australians and the range of languages that we speak is essential. Planning and funding for services that can properly meet the needs of all Australians cannot happen without it. That's why it is so important that on Census day, you can complete this information on your Census form."

Fremantle Football Club
"At the Fremantle Football Club we use statistics to help us assess performance and plan for the future. The Census allows our government to do the same and the information gathered in the Census is vital for planning our future. By taking part you'll be helping to ensure vital services like hospitals, schools and transport are provided to benefit the whole community."

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Gold Coast City Council
"The information gathered during the census is not only extremely important for planning our successful future, it also serves as a significant historical record of our growth as a nation. As well it provides valuable data about population and housing, and great insight into the social trends and changes that are unique to this country. Finally, it's most important that we all give honest and accurate answers to the census questions."

Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission
"The Census is one of the most important tools to inform governments and the community about how we live our lives and what progress is being made to improve the inequality that we experience as indigenous peoples. I urge all Aboriginal and Torres strait Islanders to participate in the Census and make sure that are issues are accurately reflected in government policy, programs and services”.

Hugh Mackay - Social Researcher
The ABS is Australia's greatest national treasure and the Census is the jewel in the crown.

Iain Evans MP - SA leader of the opposition

"In central and remote Australia it can often appear to be large barren slabs of land. However we know that in the remote precincts, communities survive and some even flourish. If you want the government to really make a difference in these regions, then let them understand who you and your family are, by taking part in the 2006 Census."

Independent Schools Council of Australia

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Jodeen Carney, MLA - NT leader of the opposition

Judith O'Hearn
"The more we know the better we grow. I am 100 per cent behind the Census and believe that the more we know about current trends the better we will grow as the Government or private industry can respond appropriately to these trends."

Katherine Town Council

La Trobe University
"As one of Australia's fastest growing universities, La Trobe University relies upon Census data to be able to project demand for tertiary places at it's metropolitan campuses in Bunderra and Melbourne's CBD and at its regional campuses at Bendigo, Mildura, Albury-Wodonga and Shepparton. It also enables La Trobe to predict developments in employment and industry and assists our evaluation of the types of tertiary courses to be affirmed in the future."

Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trust

Lawrence Springborg - QLD opposition leader
"It is vital for Queensland's future that we be fully aware of population trends. Only through this type of information can we plan for the delivery of the services and infrastructure that Queenslanders deserve."

Liberal Party

Liz Ellis

Lord Mayor of Adelaide

Lord Mayor of Melbourne
"The information to be gathered by the 2006 Census will be very important to our planning process. Using the Census data we can tailor the city's many services to ensure all community members are being catered for. From residential waste and safety to community activities and transport, the information recorded by this census will underpin the development of our city. On behalf of the City of Melbourne, I want to urge everyone to get behind the 2006 Census when the Collectors come around."

Lord Mayor of Sydney
"The Census benefits all residents and visitors. It tells us as a community who we are and where we are at. With this valuable information, the City of Sydney can deliver better services and facilities to our neighbourhoods. All Australians benefit from the Census. In our local government area, we rely on resident's feedback to enable us to deliver services and facilities that improve the quality of our neighbourhoods. The Census gives us the data we need for informed decisions and forward planning. By filling in the Census you are providing vital information that will be used to improve services."

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Mayor of Mackay - Julie Boyd
"Mackay is currently experiencing unprecedented growth and an accurate snapshot of the community is essential in order to plan for the city's emerging needs. The Census is a critical tool in catering for the city's development over the coming five years and I encourage all residents to think about the future of this wonderful city and the benefits to the wider community when completing the survey."

Mayor of the City of Rockhampton
"From a local government perspective, it is essential the five year national Census be as accurate as possible as many of our planning and other decisions are based upon its findings. In addition, important segments of Council's income from the Federal Government is closely linked to information resulting from the Census. I urge all Rockhampton residents to take part so the City can benefit as much as possible from an accurate Census."

Mayor of Thuringowa City
"There is no doubt that today's governments, corporations and communities increasingly rely on data, such as that provided from the Census, not only to achieve their immediate aims, but often for future planning. Without this data, much of out planning would be guess work."

Mayor Port Augusta City Council
"Think big when you fill out your census form, as we need to urgently plan for our future sustainability. Australians must shift our focus from the USA to fully accommodate China if we are to build economic growth. For your children's future, make your census count."

Melbourne Victory Limited
"The Census will enable the Government to plan for future services that will contribute to maximising community benefit and supporting priority needs for all Australians, of course sport and recreation opportunities are just part of one community needs, and your completion of the census will make a difference."

Migrant Resource Centre SA

Monash University
"The Census provides essential information with respect to workforce requirements in health and for health research."

Multicultural Affairs Queensland

Multicultural Development Association Inc
"It is very important that people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds take part in the Census. The information collected is used to plan for future services like schools, hospitals and other community facilities. Please remember to complete your Census form and to pay special attention to the questions about your ancestry and about languages other than English that are spoken in your home. The information that you provide will help Australian governments and services to plan better to meet the needs of your community."

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National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation

National Aboriginal Sport Corporation (NASCA)
"All Australians, Indigenous and non Indigenous, should actively support the 2006 Census. The information gained from this exercise assists Government and non Government agencies like NASCA to better respond to the needs of communities, particularly Indigenous communities. The changes within communities of today can be rapid and drastic, the Census gives us an opportunity to map out these changes and movements and respond to the changing needs."

National Aged Care Alliance
"The ageing of the Australian population and the workforce makes it essential to have accurate data so services, particularly for older people, can be planned. The ABS Australian Census is critical to this planning."

National Australia Bank

National Catholic Education Commission
"The ABS Census is integral for Catholic education in Australia. It is used frequently, and at every level - from planning a new school to understanding national trends in education. The comprehensiveness and quality of the Census helps the Catholic sector understand population trends in Catholic education, which are an invaluable means of planning for future requirements."

National Council of Churches in Australia
"All Australians should have the opportunity to participate in building a better Australia. By completing the Census form each household helps out society determine its basic profile and needs. Our participation is essential for a vibrant, functioning democratic society. The information we give can play an important part in building an open and inclusive nation in which all may live in with dignity, peace and justice."

National Farmers Federation

National Party

"It is vital for Queensland's future that we be fully aware of population trends. Only through this type of information can we plan for delivery of the services and infrastructure that Queenslanders deserve."

National Seniors Association
"I encourage all Australians to support the Australian Census. The Census is your opportunity to contribute by providing data for every household and help identify our vital community necessities such as infrastructure, housing, education, business, health and other social needs."

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Netball Australia

Netball SA
As a marketing manager I understand the importance of really knowing who our members are and what they need. Research assists organisations in delivering value added services to their members, which is essential in modern markets.

Network Seven Brisbane
"Water, housing, hospitals, schools, roads, public transport - these are the things we all rely on. How many of us there are and where we are, is what the Census tells the Government so that crucial plans for the future can be made."

Northern Land Council
"It's extremely important to have good information about the Aboriginal population and Aboriginal communities. Decisions about services to Aboriginal communities, such as housing and education are affected by the information obtained by the Census. This is why it is so important that you take the time to fill in your Census form".

NSW Aboriginal Housing Office (NSW AHO)
The AHO uses Census data extensively to inform needs based planning processes, including resource allocation planning across the regions for our capital works program. We are particularly aware of the need to collect high quality, reliable data from Aboriginal people, especially in respect to housing and housing related matters, such as tenure and family composition.

NSW Community Relations Commission

NSW Department of Aboriginal affairs
"The Census gives us important information that helps us meet your needs. The Census is your chance to be counted. Your Census information won't get you into trouble."

NSW Farmers' Association
"As a major farm lobby group it is vital for us to have an accurate statistical picture of regional and rural NSW, in order to provide an effective service as well as being able to project future trends and needs of our rural communities and agriculture in general. The information you provide when you fill out your Census form will help us to help you."

NSW Ombudsman
"So many of the problems I see are caused by lack of information and poor planning. The Census is one of the most important ways that citizens can help cure such problems."

NSW Police

NT Australian of the Year 2006 - Peter Fannin
"The desperately needed improvement of services to Indigenous Peoples can only begin if good statistics are available."

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Open Family Australia

Palmerston City Council

Paspaley Pearling Company
"The Census gives us information about our population, who we are, where we come from, and answers questions about how many of us are there, and what stage in our life we are at. This valuable snapshot enables planning to assess our needs in the future, whether it be schools, recreation centres and living facilities."

Paul Omodei - MLA, WA leader of the opposition
"An accurate statistical data collection of the population is vital for governments and businesses to plan for the future needs of our State. Therefore, I urge all West Australians to take the time to participate in this year's census. It is a small investment of your time that will deliver major benefits to the community."

Peter Bell - Fremantle Football Club Captain
"At the Fremantle Football Club we use statistics to help us assess performance and plan for the future. The Census allows our government to do the same and the information gathered in the Census is vital for planning our future. By taking part you'll be helping to ensure vital services like hospitals, schools and transport are provided to benefit the whole community."

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Queensland Centre for Population Research (QCPR)
"QCPR uses Census data extensively in training the next generation of demographers, planners and statisticians for government and industry."

Queensland Rugby Football League Limited

RMIT University

"RMIT University prepares students with skills for their future and provides industry with research and education to meet their needs. This year's Census aims to find out more about educational needs, so that Australia can equip students and industry with the most relevant skills in technology, science, business and design, for a global economy. We welcome the assistance of the Census in planning to meet those needs."

Rod Young - Seven News Brisbane
Water, housing hospitals, schools, roads, public transport - these are the things we all reply on. How many of us there are and where we are - is what the Census tells the government so that crucial plans for the future can be made.

Ron Clarke M.B.E. - Mayor of Gold Coast City
The information gathered during the Census is not only extremely important for planning our successful future, it also serves as a significant historical record of our growth as a nation. As well it provides valuable data about population and housing and great insight into the social trends and changes that are unique to this country. Finally, it's most important that we all give honest and accurate answers to the Census questions.

Royal Australasian College of Physicians

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SA Liberal Party

Salvation Army WA

South Australian Unions
"If we want governments and organisations to make policy and decisions that improve the lives of all Australians we need to have the best information. Your help now means we can help each other later."

Surf Life Saving Australia
"As part of our ongoing campaign to reduce coastal drowning deaths, Surf Life Saving Australia relies on data concerning population shifts to coastal areas so we can provide the optimum level of surf lifesaving services. The Census information on place of residence provides an important demographic picture for the entire country and I urge everyone to take their time in filling out the their Census forms."

Sydney Swans
"In life just as in footy, stand up and be counted, as part of Australia."

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TAS Together
"Tasmania Together is a 20 year vision and plan, developed by the community that measures Tasmania's social, economic, cultural and environmental progress. We rely on good and accurate data to tell us how Tasmania is going and the Census is a key source of information. Please fill out the Census form as well as you can and help us plan our future."

Tasmanian Council of Social Services
"The value of up-to-date, accurate and reliable information about Australia's people can not be underestimated and is crucial to ensuring that we put our effort in the right places. The delivery of essential health and human services depends on it. Lend your voice by completing the census this year."

Tasmanian Deaf Society
"The Census is the single most important data collection to determine how many people rely on Auslan as a form of communication. By correctly filling in the forms and highlights Auslan as a Communication tool use by people in the household our future requirements including basics like interpreting, services, schools and access will be known clearly. So go on make a difference."

Telethon Institute for Child Health Research
"The information that we all provide during the Census is absolutely critical for health researchers to accurately determine the rates of particular diseases or problems, who or what areas are most affected, and the size and placement of recommended services. While we look at specific issues, the Census provides us with the big picture comparison and underpins all our research. We're very fortunate that the Australian Bureau of Statistics is considered to be among the world's best in the way it collects and analyses data."

The Cancer Council NSW

The Graham (Polly) Farmer Foundation
"If you don't keep score, you are only practising. Current information is essential if we are to make the right decisions about our future."

The Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania Limited

The Sydney Morning Herald
"The information gathered in the Census is vital to the efforts of journalists to tell us how our lives are changing"

The University of Adelaide

Tim Lane - ABC Sports Commentator

Tiwi Land Council

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Unions NSW

Uniting Church in Australia
"The Uniting Church in Australia is proud to call itself a multicultural church. Our membership is a microcosm of the cultural and linguistic diversity of Australia's population. The snapshot provided by the Census will help us all to better understand out neighbours and out local communities, so we can embrace our diversity and celebrate all that we share."

United Muslim Women's Association

University of Canberra

"Your participation in the Census makes a difference. Make sure people like you - with your interests and concerns are properly represented in the data used to plan the future of our economy and society."

Victoria State Emergency Service
"With the Australian landscape prone to natural emergencies such as hurricane, flood and bushfire, emergency management is an essential services in this country. The Victoria State Emergency Service needs accurate data, such as that collected in the Census, to plan and cater to emergencies. Make sure the SES and other emergency services know how many people we're dealing with, and where, by accurately filling out your Census form."

Victorian Council of Social Service
"The Census provides an invaluable snapshot of overall community well-being, enabling us to identify problems such as homelessness and housing stress."

Victorian TAFE Association

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Volunteering Australia Inc
"This is the first time that a question about volunteering has been included in the Census. Filling in the Census will give an accurate picture of people volunteering in this country, which will help improve conditions and increase opportunities for our millions of dedicated volunteers. We believe this is a significant move towards governments and communities understanding the level commitment and support for volunteering activities by millions of Australians."

Volunteering Queensland
"The volunteering contribution of men, women and children goes a long way towards changing the world in which we live in. Volunteering can shape the lives of the individuals participating, and the organisation or the causes they support. Without an accurate way to measure this, organisations cannot develop effective volunteer programs that best utilise a volunteers time. I encourage you to think if this when you are filling out your census form - and how the information you provide can be used to change the world beginning with Australia."

Volunteering Western Australia
Information from the Census will enable volunteer involving community organisations to plan their promotional and developmental programs for the next few years. Volunteers are the lifeblood of our communities and many essential services would not operate without the volunteer contribution.

Western Australian Council of Social Services (WACOSS)
Counting is essential! WACOSS considers that monitoring impacts and predicting trends are critical ways of identifying where and how Australians are coping with community change. The results from the Australian Census encourage us to look beyond the numbers and to plan for improvements that benefit all Australians.

Women's Health Victoria
"In order to develop policy and practice that responds to the needs of the nation, it is essential that we have a sound evidence base. The information collected through the Census helps planners, practitioners and researchers to develop policies and programs for everyone. So make sure you are counted and your needs are heard in Census 2006."

Youth Accommodation Services Tasmania (YASTAS)

Please note
The Census Supporters group only exists for a short time during the Census Collection period as part of our public relations campaign. At this stage we are not adding new supporters to the list, however if you would like to be involved as a supporter for the Census in the future, you can register your interest by emailing Please include 'census supporter group' in the subject heading and your contact details in the body.

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