The ABS is responsible for developing statistical geography standards that are used for the dissemination of statistics. These standards are the Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) and the Australian Standard Geographical Classification (ASGC). July 2011 was the final release edition of the ASGC.

The ASGS is now the sole ABS statistical geography.

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Try the test version of the ASGS Boundaries Online, a tool that allows you to visualise and compare ASGS and some ASGC boundaries. Please provide feedback on the BetaWorks web page.

The standards, as well as the boundaries and commonly requested correspondences are published on the ABS web site. ABS Statistical Geography is the place to contact for geographic enquiries, but for access to ABS statistics, contact the National Information Referral Service.

What's new in Statistical GeographyCommonly Requested Information
The ABS has developed the Statistical Spatial Framework (SSF) to better integrate statistical and geospatial information.

The innovative ABS Geospatial Web Services User Guide, 2015 (cat. no. 1407.0).

The first population grid produced by the ABS, the Australian Population Grid, 2011 (cat. no. 1270.0.55.007).

The ASGS publication the Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS) Volume 5 – Remoteness Areas, July 2011 (cat. no. 1270.0.55.005).

Gazetted Localities & State Suburbs

Remoteness Structure

Digital Boundaries for GIS

Definition of Urban and Rural

Converting data to the ASGS

Definition of Metropolitan and non-Metropolitan