2006 Census of Population and Housing - Product Brief

QUICKSTATS - cat. no. 2061.0

For access to 2006 Census data, please visit the 2006 data page. TableBuilder Basic is a free online tool that you can use to build basic or complex tables using Census data.


QuickStats is a summary of key Census data relating to persons, families and dwellings and also contains a small textual description of the statistics contained within the tables. QuickStats is not inclusive of all Census topics, instead providing a selection of general topics and data about a chosen area. The data displayed covers a range of social, economic and demographic statistics, and includes main responses for a selection of variables.

All QuickStats include Australian data to allow users to compare results from their selected region with the Australian totals.The summary produced includes variables such as age breakdowns; a selection of birthplaces, languages and religions; employment information etc. For users interested in small geographic areas, say around 100-250 persons, QuickStats is a valuable resource. QuickStats Templates


The QuickStats product is aimed at all users.


QuickStats allows the user to select from a number of predetermined geographic levels within the Australian Standard Geographic Classification and Census Specific Geographic Areas.

First and Second release data available
Product: Quickstats ( = Data available at this geographic level.)
ASGC Geographic Areas
Census Geographic Areas
First Release
Second Release
First Release
Second Release
Australia - (Aust)
Suburb – (SSC)
State - (STE)
Postal Area – (POA)
Statistical Division - (SD)
Commonwealth Electoral Division – (CED)
Statistical Subdivision - (SSD)
State Electoral Division – (SED)
Statistical Local Area - (SLA)
Indigenous Regions - (IREG)
Collection District - (CD)
Indigenous Area – (IARE)
Local Government Area - (LGA)
Indigenous Location – (ILOC)
Statistical District - (SDist)
Working Population SLA – (JTW)
Major Statistical Region - (MSR)
Statistical Region - (SR)
Statistical Region Sector - (SRS)
Section of State – (SOS)
Section of State Range – (SOSR)
Urban Centre Locality - (UC/L)
Remoteness Area - (RA)


QuickStats will be available in HTML format from the ABS web site (www.abs.gov.au).

Clients will have the ability to print these files.


QuickStats will be released in two phases.

First Release: expected to be June/July 2007
Second Release: expected to be October 2007