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Applications Open June 3, 2013

How to Apply for the Australian Statistician’s Fellowship Program

Applications for ABS vacancies are lodged through the ABS eRecruitment system. The electronic application process consists of three simple stages: registration, drafting an application and reviewing an application.

Applicants must complete all the mandatory questions and upload a copy of the requested documentation within the application form.

Pre-Application Checklist

Applicants are encouraged to review the Applicant Information Kit (AIK) before beginning an application for the Australian Statistician’s Fellowship Program.

In addition, the following list of questions will help applicants identify what is needed in order to complete an online application.

Pre-Application Checklist
Are you an Australian Citizen, or will be an Australian Citizen, by February 2014?
Have you obtained, or will you obtain by the end of 2013, at least one Australian recognised graduate or post-graduate qualification AND has your most recent qualification been completed in 2011 or later?

If your only tertiary qualification/s were obtained overseas, you must provide a certificate of equivalence from the National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition (NOOSR) stating that your qualification is equivalent to an undergraduate or postgraduate degree from a recognised Australian educational institution. Visit the NOOSR website for further information

Do you have the following documents available to upload to your online application form?
  • Academic transcript
  • Statement of claims
  • Resume
  • A referee report from your extra-curricular or community leader (template provided on the website)
Are you prepared to provide substantive evidence (i.e. sound examples) in your written responses to the Selection Criteria? Please see below for hints and tips on addressing Selection Criteria.
Do you have the contact details for your two Referees?

Advice for Applicants

Applying for a Position with the Australian Public Service
To assist applicants in understanding the terms and processes involved in applying for a position with the Australian Public Service (APS), it is recommended that they review ‘Cracking the Code’ on the Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) website.

Research the ABS
It is recommended that applicants conduct research by browsing the ABS website. Key corporate documents and information, such as the Annual Report, Forward Work Program and Corporate Plan, are also available on the website.

Addressing Selection Criteria
Applicants will be required to respond to the APS5 Integrated Leadership System (ILS) and an additional criterion “Professional and Personal Leadership”:

    • Demonstrates professional and personal leadership and delivers quality outcomes which can make a difference to the ABS
    • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of statistical literacy
    • Demonstrates strong people skills and a passion in their professional field
    • Demonstrates perseverance and resilience when faced with obstacles

It is suggested that applicants prepare their responses to the Selection Criteria in a text program. Once applicants have drafted and revised their claims, they can copy this information into the online application form. Applicants are advised to use Notepad for Windows and TextEdit for Mac when preparing their responses. However, the responses can be entered directly into the online application form if preferred.

Applicants are advised to provide examples of their relevant skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications when preparing responses to the Selection Criteria. Although they should be comprehensive, they must also be succinct. There is a 350 word limit for each criterion.

An effective way to frame responses against each criterion is to apply the S.T.A.R. model, as outlined below:

    • Situation – provide a brief outline of the situation or setting for your example
    • Task – explain the task you performed
    • Action – explain the actions you took and how you did it
    • Result – describe the outcomes from your actions
There are a range of resources that can provide further information and advice for addressing Selection Criteria, including the following: Statement of Claims

The statement of claims should include the following information:

    • Applicants motivation for applying for the Australian Statistician’s Fellowship Program
    • Acknowledgement of the program prerequisites and requirements
    • How the applicant will use their leadership qualities and attributes to contribute to the ABS

The resume should include the following key elements:

    • Applicant name and contact details
    • Academic qualifications
    • Employment history (including role, responsibilities and achievements)
    • Additional work experience and/or extra-curricular activities

Referee Details and Report

Applicants are required to provide the details of two referees – one should be for a current employer, and the other should be from an extra-curricular or community leader. Applicants will also be required to upload a Referee Report from their extra-curricular or community leader.

The Referee Report template is available on the website.

About the Application Form

It is recommended that applicants review the Pre-Application Checklist to ensure that they have all the necessary information they need to complete their application.

Prior to commencing their application on the online ABS eRecruitment system, applicants will have the opportunity to preview the application form.

To preview the form, select Preview Application Form under the ‘Action’ column (below Access Existing Application).

Completing the Application Form

Applicant details

Applicants who have previously applied for a job with the ABS using the online eRecruitment system will need to login to the system using their ID (the email address used to register on the system) and their nominated password.

If applicants have not yet applied for a job using the online system, they will need to register their details prior to starting the application form. The registered email address will become the applicants ID. Applicants will need this, along with their password, every time they log into the online system. Please supply a valid email address, as this will be the address that is used to communicate with applicants throughout the selection process.

The Application Form

Applicants are advised to begin completing their application form as early as possible. The online application form allows applicants to save their responses, so that they can return to their application at a later stage. Please note that the page times out after 20 minutes of being inactive, so please remember to regularly save the application.

Submitting your Application Form

In order for an application to be considered, it must be submitted before the closing date of 28 June at 6:00pm (AEST). Please be aware that an application has not been submitted until the Submit button has been actioned. Late applications will not be accepted, unless there are exceptional extenuating circumstances.

Applicants will be directed to review their application in detail before they formally submit their online application form. To complete the submission, applicants will be asked to confirm that the information in their application is true and correct. Applicants who provide any false statements in their application will be disqualified from the recruitment process.

If applicants are using assistive technology and are experiencing any issues accessing the eRecruitment system, please contact National Recruitment on 1800 249 583 or at recruitment@abs.gov.au.

Confirmation of submission

After clicking the button provided at the top of the ‘Preview and Submit’ page, applicants will then be asked to confirm that they are ready to submit their application. After submitting their application, the next screen that is displayed will confirm that it has been submitted.

The system will send applicants an email confirming that their application has been submitted. The application status will also display as ‘submitted’ in the My Profile section.

Editing the application form

Applicants who submit their application before the closing date will be able to edit the responses in their application form. However, they will also be required to complete the submission process again if any changes are made. Applications cannot be edited after the closing date.

Staying in touch

Applicants will be contacted by email or phone during the selection process. Please ensure that the email account and contact number that is registered with the system is valid.

Applicants will be informed of the status of their application after each stage of the selection process. In addition, the Key Dates page on the website will be regularly updated to reflect the current status of the selection process.

Updating personal details

Applicants can update their personal details online at any time should they change during the recruitment process. To do this, log in to the system and select My Profile and Edit Details. Please note, if an applicant updates their email address, this will become the new login ID.