Fellowship Program - A Career at the ABS
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About the ABS

The ABS has a proud history of being Australia’s official national statistical agency. We assist and encourage informed decision making, research and discussion within governments and the community, by leading a high quality, objective and responsive national statistical service. The ABS also has an important leadership and coordination function with respect to the statistical activities of other official bodies in Australia, and a liaison function with other countries and international organisations on statistical matters.

We are recognised as one of Australia's most important institutions. We are a key contributor to an effective Australian democracy as we support decision making among governments and the community.

The ABS produces and disseminates statistics under the following broad programs:

  • Economic and Environment Statistics
  • Population, Labour and Social Statistics

These areas of statistics involve extensive data collection through censuses and surveys and from administrative data sources. The statistical programs are supported by service areas, which deliver assistance and advice on statistical methods, data and metadata arrangements, information technology, data acquisition and collection, client management, dissemination, human resource and other corporate services.

Working at the ABS

As an ABS employee, you will join a world leader in its field and contribute to providing statistics on a wide range of economic, social, population, and environmental matters that are highly relevant and important to the Australian community.

At the ABS you will find diverse and challenging careers for individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and specialisations. We provide you with opportunities to utilise your degree and encourage you to expand your existing knowledge and skills.

The ABS is well regarded as an employer of choice. We provide a supportive environment where employees are nurtured, their skills are developed, and achievements are recognised. We support a holistic approach to employment and are committed to achieving balance between meeting deliverables, employee development and flexible work-life conditions. All ABS employees have the opportunity to make a difference to society through important work which informs key decisions affecting the Australian population.

Community and Environment

The ABS has a strong people culture as evidenced by our collaborative work environment and commitment to professional development. All employees are encouraged to share and contribute their skills and ideas, and work together as a team to achieve our objectives. The ABS social club facilitates and supports regular social events, providing employees with the opportunity to engage in fun activities as part of a balanced approach to our work environment. The ABS is also committed to an environmentally responsible approach to our work environment, as supported by the ABS Green Team.