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Western Australia

3,000 Census Collectors hit Western Australia streets

29 July 2011 | WA/36

Almost 3,000 Census Collectors will hit the streets of Western Australia today, to begin delivering Census forms and eCensus access codes to every household in the state for the Census of Population and Housing on Tuesday, 9 August 2011.

WA Census Director Mike Scott says Census Collectors will travel to every corner of the state to ensure every person is accurately counted on Census night

"Collectors will deliver Census forms and eCensus envelopes to every WA household, from Kununurra to Albany and everywhere in between," Mr Scott says.

"It doesn't matter is you're on an oil platform out at sea, a caravan park or an inner city apartment block, wherever you are on Tuesday 9 August you need to accurately complete the Census."

Census Collectors carry a bright yellow bags and identification tags, making them easy to spot when they're delivering forms in your area.

When a Collector knocks on your door, you'll be offered either a traditional paper Census form or an eCensus envelope if you wish to complete the Census online.

"The eCensus is a fast and secure way to complete the Census, and means your Collector won’t need to return to your home to collect your completed Census form,” Mr Scott adds.

This year the Australian Bureau of Statistics is expecting at least 30 per cent of households to complete their Census form online.

More information is available online at www.abs.gov.au/census or by calling the Census Inquiry Service on 1300 338 776

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