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Media release –
Western Australia

eCensus opens today!

28 July 2011 | WA/28

The Australian Bureau of Statistics' online Census form, eCensus, is now open to the public in preparation for Census night, Tuesday 9 August.

eCensus is a fast, easy and secure alternative to the traditional paper form.

The eCensus was first made available for the 2006 Census when approximately nine per cent of households submitted their information via eCensus.

WA Census Director Mike Scott says that the ABS is expecting at least 30 per cent of households to use the online form this year.

"It's a safe and secure way to complete the 2011 Census and means that a Census Collector won’t be required to return to your house," said Mr Scott.

"eCensus has undergone extensive third party testing to ensure it is secure and that it has the capacity to cope with the large number of people we predict will use the service," Mr Scott explained.

According to 2006 Census data, only 63 per cent of Western Australians reported that they had an internet connection at home.

This figure is expected to have dramatically increased since 2006, along with people's comfort using the internet in their day to day lives.

"These days people are used to using the internet to do their shopping, banking and taxation and we believe that the eCensus will be strongly taken up by Western Australians," said Mr Scott.

Census Collectors start delivering from tomorrow and when they knock on your door you'll be given the option of completing the traditional paper form or using the eCensus.

If you choose the eCensus option you'll be given an envelope containing a unique eCensus number and instructions to use when logging into the website.

eCensus opens today at www.census.gov.au.

More information is available online at www.abs.gov.au/census or by calling the Census Inquiry Service on 1300 338 776

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