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Map to group

Tutorial transcript 5

Welcome to the TableBuilder Tutorial Series - Module 5 - Map to Group. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create a custom group using the Map to Group function. I'll also show you some of the Map to Group tools. Once you have logged into TableBuilder and chosen your database, you'll see the Table View screen.

To enter 'Map to Group’, you will need to select the “My Custom Data” link, which takes you to the My Custom Data screen. The 3 boxes lying from left to right are: “Step 1 Select the Data or Geography”, “Step 2 Enter Custom name” and “My Custom Data and Geography”.

Under the step 1 box, you need to click the “Use Map to Group Items” link which takes you to the “My Custom Data” screen. Now choose the geography you are interested in using the “Map layer” drop down box. In this example, we will choose “Collection Districts” because we want to know the demographics of all the people that live within a 50km radius of our selection.

Once you have made the selection, the area map in Step 1 box is updated with collection district boundaries. We can draw a rectangle on this map to define a rectangular area for zooming in. We can define the rectangular area by pressing the mouse select button to define the top left corner of the rectangle, drag the mouse diagonally towards south east direction, then release the mouse select button to define the lower right corner of the rectangle. Now we can zoom into the map to examine our area a little more clearly.

Once we have defined the rectangular area to zoom in, the map in Step 1 box is updated with zoomed in map. Now select the 'Radius' tool below the map. You will notice the mouse cursor changed into a cross when it hovers over the map. Click somewhere on the map. The map now includes a cross sign where your selection is. Now simply add a radius in the unit of Km in the 'Radius’ box. For this example, we will enter 50 in the box to make the radius to be 50 Km.

The map is updated to show all the Collection Districts that sit within a 50km radius of our selection are now coloured on the map. You can simply add this to the Step 2 box to create a custom group by selecting the ‘Add’ button between Step 1 box and Step 2 box. Then in Step 2 box, give our custom group a name (e.g. 50km radius) and select the “Save Group” button to save the group.

The saved group, 50 km radius, will appear in third box, under “My Custom Geography”. Expand the “My Custom Geography” toggle will display our saved group as one of the available option. You can now use this group to create tables of any data item available in TableBuilder by simply select the checkbox in front of “50km radius”.

That ends this Module - Map to Group.



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