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Understanding the table view page

Tutorial transcript 2

Welcome to the TableBuilder Tutorial Series - Module 2 - Table View basics. In this module, I'll help you to understand the layout and functions of the Table View page.
Once you've logged into TableBuilder and chosen your database, you'll be at the Table View screen. This is the main screen of TableBuilder. It's from this screen that you can create, customise and save tables.

Once you create a table in TableBuilder, you'll have the option to graph your data by selecting the “Graph View” link or map your data by selecting the “Map View” link. Note that the “Graph View” and “Map View” links remain inactive until a table has been created.

From the Table View screen, you can also enter My Custom data by selecting the “My Custom Data” link, which takes you to the “My Custom Data” view. You can create custom groups either via the map or by the geography or variable tree. To create custom groups via map, you can select the “use Map to Group Items” link. Alternatively, you can select variables or geographies by selecting individual items from the variable or geography tree.

You can also access any previously saved tables in TableBuilder, via the “My Tables” link. Previously saved tables will appear in the box on the left under “Saved Tables”. Selection of “Customise Table” link will take you back to the default Table View screen.

From the Table View screen, you can change the database that you are currently in by following the “Change Database” link which opens up a “Please Select Database” window. Selection of the “Census” folder inside this window will open up subfolders of “2011” and “2006”. Selection of 2006 will expand into subfolders of “TableBuilder Pro” and “TableBuilder Basic”. Selection of “TableBuilder Basic” will list all the databases available for selection. Select the radio button next to “2006 Census – Education” then select OK button. By doing so, the “Please select Database” window disappears and returns you to the Table View screen with Education database to work with.

You are now working in the Education database. As with all other pages in TableBuilder, you can get help by clicking the 'TableBuilder Online Help' link around the top right corner of the page.

This accesses the TableBuilder User Manual in a new browser window. Down the right hand side of the browser screen you'll notice links to all the help files within TableBuilder. To return to the Table View screen, simply close the browser window.

That ends this Module - Table View Basics.



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