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Getting started

Tutorial transcript 1

Welcome to the TableBuilder Tutorial Series - Module 1 - Getting Started.

In this module, I'll show you how to access TableBuilder from the ABS Website. I'll run through the log in screen how to select a topic and available databases.

To access TableBuilder from the ABS website (http://www.abs.gov.au), simply select the Census link.

Once on the Census page (http://www.abs.gov.au/census), there are two ways to access TableBuilder. First of all, the “Data and Analysis” link which opens up the “Data and analysis” page where you can access all our products.

In this example, we'll choose “TableBuilder” link which opens up the “TableBuilder login” page.

This is the “TableBuilder login” page where users can login to TableBuilder Basic and TableBuilder Pro via one single login button, as well as reading introductory information on TableBuilder.

Alternatively, simply select the TableBuilder image link from the Census page which opens up the “TableBuilder login” page.

Once on the “TableBuilder login” page, you can either register for TableBuilder or login. Selection of the Login button will open up a TableBuilder login window.

Please note that multiple browser windows or tabs are not supported in the TableBuilder login window. You can register for TableBuilder by selecting the “Register” link. You can select the “Forgotten password” or “Forgotten User ID” links in case if you have forgotten your login details. You can also check your access by selecting the “My profile summary” link.

In the TableBuilder login window, we'll now log into TableBuilder by putting in user id, password, then selecting the Login button.

This is the main page from which you access the various databases or topics through TableBuilder. There are 3 main panels in this page: “Saved Table” panel, “Pre-defined Topic” panel and “Select a Database” panel.

The first panel is the “Saved Table” panel. The name of this panel will become “My Saved Tables” when expanded. If you've been into TableBuilder previously and created and saved a table, it will appear in the list within this panel.

The second panel is “Select a Pre-defined Topic”. The name of this panel will become “Pre-defined Topic” when expanded. TableBuilder Basic users can select a predefined topic. Please note though, these are only available for use in TableBuilder Basic databases. To access them, simply select the toggle on the left of “Select a Pre-defined Topic”. Once the “Pre-defined Topic” panel is expanded, you can scroll through the various topics by selecting the forward and backward buttons at the bottom of this panel.

The third panel is “Select a Database” panel. The name of this panel will become “Available Databases” when expanded. If you prefer to look at all the databases available to you in TableBuilder, simply select the 'Select a Database' twisty. All databases that you have access to via your registration will appear in the available databases list. To scroll through the various pages, simply select the page number buttons, forward or backward buttons at the bottom of this panel.

Once you've found the database you wish to use, simply select it. The name of the selected database will appear in the 'you currently have selected' box right beneath the third panel. Once you checked the name of the data base in the “You currently have selected” box is correct, select the 'Next' button.

You'll now notice you're on the Table View page. It's from this page you can start creating, customising and saving tables in TableBuilder. That ends this module - Getting Started.



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