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services & support

Services and support for TableBuilder Pro and TableBuilder Basic

System access

To optimise performance there may be a limit on the number of concurrent users. Occasionally users may be asked to try again later if the system is extremely busy.

System maintenance and support

Regular maintenance is scheduled on Saturdays between 4-6 am (AEST) for times of low usage. Services and systems may become unavailable at this time. When service is available at this time, users may notice reduced system performance. Jobs being processed at this time may be terminated and need to be resubmitted. The regular maintenance time frame is subject to change.

If an outage is planned outside the usual maintenance schedule, we will advertise this to users at least 24 hours beforehand on the TableBuilder entry page.

Systems will be monitored for outages between 9 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday (AEST). Any outage outside these hours will be rectified as soon as possible.

Services and support for all TableBuilder products

TableBuilder services and support describes our commitment to table delivery, helpdesk and support for all TableBuilder products.



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