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TableBuilder –
user manual

1. Introduction

1.1 What’s new for 2011?
1.2 Summary of features
1.3 Data availability
1.4 Geography
1.5 Minimum system requirements
1.6 Data quality and confidentiality

2. Getting started

2.1 Register to use TableBuilder
2.2 Log in
2.3 Log out
2.4 Change Password

3. Opening a table or database

3.1 Select a Saved Table
3.2 Select a Pre-defined Topic
3.3 Select a Database

4. Working with tables

4.1 Change to a different database
4.2 Add data items or geographic areas to your table
4.3 Change the geographic areas in your table
4.4 Remove data items and geographic areas from your table
4.5 Display custom geographic areas
4.6 Retrieving data
4.7 Change data to display in percentages
4.8 Change the nesting of the column and row headings
4.9 Sort the data in the table
4.10 Show and hide totals in the table
4.11 Show or hide classification and geography codes in the table
4.12 Clear a table
4.13 Save, download and export a table

5. Large table preview mode

5.1 Changing to Large Table Preview mode
5.2 Working in Preview mode
5.3 Populating the table with data
5.4 Retrieving the processed table

6. My custom data

6.1 Create custom data and custom geographic area groups
6.2 Use the Map to Group tools to create custom geographic areas
6.3 Copy custom data groups
6.4 Edit custom data groups
6.5 Delete custom data groups
6.6 Rename custom data groups
6.7 Export a custom data group
6.8 Edit a custom data group outside TableBuilder
6.9 Import a custom data group into TableBuilder

7. My tables

7.1 Open a saved table
7.2 Create a copy of a table
7.3 Delete a table
7.4 Change the name of a table
7.5 View the status of your large tables

8. Working with graphs

8.1 Change the type of graph
8.2 Graph by either the table row or column
8.3 Change the series (data items) displayed
8.4 Download your graph

9. Working with maps

9.1 Navigate around your thematic map
9.2 Select a different data item to thematically map
9.3 Change the Data Classifier
9.4 Create a custom range
9.5 Change the number of ranges
9.6 Change the colours on the thematic map
9.7 Change the opacity of the thematic map
9.8 Download your map

10. Overview of navigation and actions toolbar

10.1 Navigation overview
10.2 Actions Toolbar

11. Further assistance and information

11.1 TableBuilder in-built Help
11.2 Information icon
11.3 TableBuilder help & FAQs assistance
11.4 Further assistance

12. Method of count

13. Confidentiality of Census data

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User manual

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting started
  3. Opening a table or database
  4. Working with tables
  5. Large table preview mode
  6. My custom data
  7. My tables
  8. Working with graphs
  9. Working with maps
  10. Overview of navigation & actions toolbar
  11. Further assistance & information
  12. Method of count
  13. Confidentiality of Census data

User manual pdf

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