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5. Large table preview mode

Large Table Preview mode allows users to create very large custom tables smoothly and quickly without waiting for the data to process. Once your table structure has been created you submit it to a queue for processing; whilst waiting you can continue to create more tables. When the table is ready it will be available to download directly to your computer without displaying in your web browser first.

5.1 Changing to Large Table Preview mode

As you are creating a table, if the table size reaches more than 5,000 data cells, TableBuilder will automatically switch into Large Table Preview mode. You can keep track of the size of your table using the cell count information above the table. The cell count includes all totals even if you have chosen not to display them.

When the Large Table Preview is activated a message will be displayed to let you know this has occurred:

Picture showing dialogue box informing table crated entered lage table preveiw mode. Any change to table structure or contents will need to be submitted for processing. Users can view full table by downloading the table to their own computer.

The Retrieve Data button will be inactive and the Go button next to the download format options will change to ‘Queue Job’.

5.2 Working in Preview mode

You will no longer be able to see all chosen variables within the classifications you have added to your table. Instead only the first two values from each classification followed by “..”, this indicates there are more items to be displayed. The data cells will contain a dash “-“.

The table below includes all State Suburbs for ACT in the rows, Age and Indigenous Status in the columns, and includes over 90,000 cells. However, only the suburbs Acton and Ainslie, ages 1 and 2 years, and Indigenous Statuses Non-Indigenous and Aboriginal are shown:

Picture showing a table of Statistical Local Area by Indigenous status by age in single year. Table consists of 2 row and 9 columns with headings but has no data in it.

You can continue to edit the table, alter the positions and nests of the classifications, and add or remove items as usual. At all times, only the first two values will be displayed.

5.3 Populating the table with data

In Large Table Preview mode no data will be displayed on screen in your table, and the Retrieve Data button will be inactive. To retrieve the data you must submit your table for processing and download it when complete.
  1. Select the format you wish to download the table in, from the Submit Table drop down list:

    Picture showing a combo box of Download table with the option Excel 2007 (.xlsx)(max 16384 columns by 65000 rows and less than 100000 cells) selected.

  2. Click the Queue Job button Picture showing Queue Job button. A box will appear and you will be prompted to create a name for your table.

    Picture showing Submit Table dialogue box, with edit box labelled Please provide a name for the table, with Queue Job button and Cancel button beneath the edit box.
  3. Enter the name of your table in the box and click the Queue Job button.

Note: If the name you have used for your table is unavailable an error message is displayed and you will be asked to try again. Only alpha-numeric characters may be used. Special characters such as ,-“*()& will not be accepted.

Once you have successfully named your table the following message will appear at the top of the screen:

Picture showing a sentence in red which states "Your request has been successfully added to download job queue. To check progress, please go to link My Tables page."

5.4 Retrieving the processed table

After your table has been submitted to the queue it will appear in your list of Queued Jobs on the My Tables screen (accessible from the link under the Table View tab).

Picture showing table of queued jobs with name, submission date, format, expiry time, status, content, and delete option. Records on different pages can be accessed using the button with left pointing arrow & button with right pointing arrow at the bottom

The table status will be updated each time the screen is refreshed.

TIP: You will need to refresh the screen manually.

When the table has been processed and populated with data the status will read “Completed, click here to download”.
  • Click this text to download the table.
  • Click View to open the table layout in Large Table Preview mode in Table View.
  • Click X to delete the table from the job queue. You cannot undo this action.

The table will expire and be automatically deleted from the list 10 days after it is first downloaded. If you wish to view the table after this time you will need to save it.

Further information about the My Tables screen can be found in Chapter 7.



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