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12. Method of count

Place of Usual Residence
This is the place where a person usually lives. It may or may not be the place where the person was counted on Census Night.

Census counts compiled on this basis are less likely to be influenced by seasonal factors such as school holidays and snow seasons, and provide information about the usual residents of an area.

Place of Enumeration (Location on Census Night)
The place of enumeration is the place at which the person was counted – where they spent Census Night – which may not be where they usually live.

The population count for place of enumeration is a count of every person who spent Census Night in Australia, based on where they were counted. It includes people who are on long-distance trains, buses or aircraft, or on board vessels in or between Australian ports.

This type of count provides a snapshot in any given area. Although the Census is timed to attempt to capture the typical situation, holiday resort areas such as the Gold Coast and snow fields may show a large enumeration count compared with the usual residence count.

Place of Work
Place of Work provides information on where working persons go to work. Because of changes and growth in the urban areas of states and territories, Place of Work areas are not necessarily the same for each Census. Place of work data are only applicable to persons 15 years and over.

Journey to work data are used by transport authorities, associated bodies, organisations and other interested people to plan public transport systems, and for the development and release of residential and commercial land.



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