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11. Further assistance & information

11.1 TableBuilder in-built help

TableBuilder Help is available throughout all screens of TableBuilder via the link in the top right of the screen. Click on the link and a new window will open containing the TableBuilder user manual.

To access relevant help information for the current screen. click on the Help link in the sidebar on the left of the screen. Picture of the TableBuilder 'Help' link and icon.

11.2 Information icon

The Information iconPicture of the information icon.can be found throughout the product. Click on this icon to view additional classification information and data quality statements.

11.3 TableBuilder help and FAQs

Further TableBuilder help and frequently asked questions (FAQs) are available from the TableBuilder Help and FAQs page.

11.4 Further assistance

Further assistance for all TableBuilder enquires is available through the ABS, National Information and Referral Service (NIRS), Contact NIRS for help with:
  • managing your passwords and user ID
  • if you are having difficulty accessing the application
  • data enquiries
  • to purchase additional TableBuilder licenses
  • if you have questions which are not covered by this manual
  • any other TableBuilder queries you might have.

Please contact NIRS via phone or email:
Phone: 1300 135 070
Email: client.services@abs.gov.au
Hours: 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday

For further information, visit the Contacts page.



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