Place of Enumeration
BEDD Number of Bedrooms in Private Dwelling

Number of Bedrooms in Private Dwelling (ranges)

CPAD Count of Persons Temporarily Absent from Household

Dwelling Location

DWTD Dwelling Type
HCFMD Family Household Composition (Dwelling)
HHCD Household Composition
HIDD Household Income Derivation Indicator
HIED Equivalised Total Household Income (weekly)
HINASD Total Household Income as Stated (weekly)
HIND Total Household Income (weekly)
IFNMFD Imputation Flag for Number of Males and Females in Dwelling
INGDWTD Indigenous Household Indicator
LLDD Landlord Type
MRED Mortgage Repayments (monthly) Dollar Values
MRERD Mortgage Repayments (monthly) Ranges
MV1D Household One Year Mobility Indicator
MV5D Household FiveYear Mobility Indicator
NEDD Type of Internet Connection
NPDD Type of Non-Private Dwelling
NPRD Number of Persons Usually Resident in Dwelling
RNTD Rent (weekly) Dollar Values
RNTRD Rent (weekly) Ranges
SAFD Supported Accommodation Flag
STRD Dwelling Structure
TEND Tenure Type
TENLLD Tenure and Landlord Type
VEHD Number of Motor Vehicles
VEHRD Number of Motor Vehicles (ranges)