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Transcript – Using QuickStats Country of Birth

Welcome to 2011 Census QuickStats Country of Birth.

In this tutorial, you’ll discover what QuickStats Country of Birth is and how to use it.
To access QuickStats Country of Birth navigate to the ABS Census webpage where you’ll find a link to the Census QuickStats products.

Click on the link for Country of Birth QuickStats.

This is the QuickStats Country of Birth splash page and has basic information and links. On the right of screen are the search and navigation boxes. Before beginning a search, let’s have a look at two important links.

This page lists the countries and geographies that are used in this product. To ensure quality data is returned we could not include all Countries of Birth, nor match them with all geography levels. This list shows the 53 countries of birth that we have included, and this list shows the geographies we were able to include that match them.

These lists can be a handy resource for you when searching for combinations of Country of Birth and geography. We recommend you keep a copy of this page open in a separate browser tab.

Let’s now look at the explanatory notes page.

This is your one-stop shop for detailed explanations of how to interpret the data in this product. Many of the links within the product itself will link back to here, so feel free to only visit this page as needed.

Let’s now have a look at the QuickStats Country of Birth product in action!

Searching for a Country of Birth QuickStat is very simple. Click into the search field and begin typing a country of birth. You will note that once you have typed 3 or more letters, results matching what you are typing will begin to appear.

If what you are looking for does not appear in the list, and the spelling is correct, it may be that the country you are looking for is not in the list of countries we looked at earlier. Consult that list if required.

Once you have a valid country of birth, select it, and click GO.

Now we have a 2011 Country of Birth QuickStat for people in Australia who were born in Chile. Note that all searches starting from the QuickStats Country of Birth splash page will be for people at the whole of Australia level.

To navigate to a different combination, first enter a country of birth, and then a geography and click GO. Now we have the QuickStat for people in Victoria who were born in Chile.

If you are at all unsure what combinations are valid, consult the countries & geographies list as an easy reference.

Let’s do that now to find another Country of Birth & geography match. Let’s look at Samoa, and the Melbourne Greater Capital City Statistical Area.

Note that you must always enter a valid country of birth first, before entering a geography. As we type here, all greater capital city results appear, but note that two are italicised and greyed out.

This means that they are not selectable. This is because there were not enough people born in Samoa and living in Darwin, or Hobart, during the 2011 Census for us to ensure quality data. Selecting other countries of birth will have different results in this regard.

Let’s go ahead and look at Melbourne. Here we can see a summary of data for people in Greater Melbourne who were born in Samoa, as well as a map illustrating the exact boundary for this QuickStat.

For more detail we can have a look at any of these three major topic areas. Click on any of them to expand, and again to collapse. Each topic is further categorised, and can be easily navigated by either scrolling, or jumping directly via these links. Some tables will also have links to important information, where applicable.

All tables include interesting bench mark information to help you understand the data for your chosen country of birth in a wider context. Hover your mouse over a column heading for information on how the data in that column is calculated.

If you need further explanation, click to open the explanatory notes page mentioned earlier. Links referring to classifications in the 2011 Census Dictionary will link directly to those entries in the dictionary online.

Selected tables also feature charts which you can access by clicking the appropriate buttons. Specific details of the chart are viewable by simply hovering the mouse over relevant areas.

The QuickStats Country of Birth tutorial is now complete.


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