19 October 2012

The 2016 Census – an opportunity to have your say

On 6 November 2012, the ABS will release a publication proposing directions for Australia's 17th national Census to be held in 2016. The publication (2016 Census of Population and Housing: Consultation on content and procedures - ABS cat. no. 2007.0) will outline initial ABS views on topics and procedures for the 2016 Census.

To coincide with this publication release, the ABS will also begin a consultation process with Census data users and the general public. The consultation process includes:
  • public information sessions where the ABS will present proposed directions for 2016
  • a submission period where interested parties can formally submit their feedback and suggestions to the ABS via an online submission form.

Important information on session dates can be found on the 2016 Census – Information sessions page.