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Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas (SEIFA) is a product developed especially for those interested in the assessment of the welfare of Australian communities. The ABS has developed four indexes to allow ranking of regions/areas, providing a method of determining the level of social and economic well-being in each region.

Each of the four indexes summarises different aspects of the socio-economic conditions of people living in an area; each is based upon a different set of social and economic information from the 2006 Census. The indexes provide more general measures of socio-economic status than is given by measuring, for example, income or unemployment alone.

SEIFA has a number of applications, including research into the relationship between socio-economic status and various health and educational outcomes, determining areas that require funding and services, and identifying new business opportunities.

More information on SEIFA can be found by browsing the links below, calling 1300135070 or emailing client.services@abs.gov.au.


SEIFA 2006 - current release
SEIFA 2006 - Information Paper
SEIFA 2006 - Technical Paper
SEIFA 2006 - Data
SEIFA 2006 - Research Paper


SEIFA 2001
SEIFA 2001 - Products & Information
SEIFA 2001 - Information Paper
SEIFA 2001 - Technical Paper
SEIFA 2001 - Data


SEIFA 1996
SEIFA 1996 - Data
SEIFA 1996 - Information Paper


SEIFA 1991
SEIFA 1991 - Data




SEIFA 1986
SEIFA 1986 - Data


Historical SEIFA

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