ABS.Stat Release Calendar

    ABS.Stat Beta Release Calendar updated 30/11/2016

    This calendar shows the expected release dates for publications that are accompanied by ABS.Stat datasets.

    ABS.Stat datasets are typically available within 24 hours of the publication's release date.

Catalogue Number
Current Reference Period
Date Last Updated
Next Expected Update
Balance of Payments and International Investment Position5302.0QuarterlyJune Qtr 20166 September 20166 December 2016
Business Indicators5676.0QuarterlyJune Qtr 20165 September 20165 December 2016
Consumer Price Index (CPI)6401.0QuarterlySeptember Qtr 201626 October 201625 January 2017
Residential Property Price Indexes6416.0QuarterlyJune Qtr 201620 September 201613 December 2016
Housing Finance5609.0MonthlySeptember 201610 November 20169 December 2016
International Merchandise Exports5368.0MonthlySeptember 20163 November 20168 December 2016
International Merchandise Imports5439.0MonthlySeptember 20163 November 20168 December 2016
International Trade Price Indexes6457.0Quarterly September Qtr 201627 October 201627 January 2017
Labour Force6202.0MonthlyOctober 201617 November 201615 December 2016
Lending Finance5671.0MonthlyOctober 201614 November 201612 December 2016
Private New Capital Expenditure and Expected Expenditure5625.0QuarterlyJune Qtr 20161 September 20161 December 2016
Producer Price Indexes6427.0QuarterlySeptember Qtr 201631 October 201627 January 2017
Sales of New Motor Vehicles9314.0MonthlyOctober 201616 November 201614 December 2016
Wage Price Index6345.0QuarterlySeptember Qtr 201616 November 201622 February 2017
Building Approvals8731.0MonthlyOctober 20162 November 201630 November 2016
Mineral and Petroleum Exploration8412.0QuarterlyJune Qtr 20165 September 20165 December 2016
Land Management Practices Survey4627.0Irregular2013-201418 November 2016TBC
Land Accounts4609.4.55.001Irregular2006-201127 August 2015TBC
Retail Trade8501.0MonthlyOctober 20164 November 20162 December 2016
Births3301.0Annual20158 November 2016TBC
Deaths3302.0Annual201528 September 2016TBC
Apparent Consumption of Alcohol 4307.0.55.001Annual2013-201408 May 2015TBC
Regional Population Growth, Australia3218.0Annual2014-201530 March 201630 March 2017
Annual Population Estimates (ERP) by Sex, Age, Regions of Australia 3235.0Annual201518 August 201618 August 2017
Quarterly Population Estimates (ERP) - subset of 3101.0 (Australian Demographic Statistics)3101.0QuarterlyMarch Qtr 201522 September 201615 December 2016
Migration, Australia, 2014-20153412.0Annual2014-201530 March 2016TBC
Population Projections, Australia, 2012 to 21013222.0Irregular2012-210126 November 2013TBC
National Regional Profile (NRP)1379.0.55.001Annual2010-201430 June 2016TBC
Australian Census Longitudinal Dataset (ACLD)2080.0Irregular2006-201118 December 2013TBC
Household and Family Projections 2011-20363236.0Irregular2011-203616 September 2015TBC
Census of Population and Housing: Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas (SEIFA), Australia, 20112033.0.55.001Irregular201111 September 2014TBC