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This page contains information to help businesses that are included in the Internet Activity Survey. For general information about participants in business surveys, please see Business (FAQs).

If your question about the Internet Activity Survey is not answered on this page, or in the information provided on your web form, please contact the ABS on 1800 136 387 (free call excluding mobile phones).


What is the purpose of the survey and who uses the data?

The main purpose of this survey is to provide a set of regular indicators on internet usage in Australia which are used by government and private analysts and also for academic research purposes. The Internet Activity Survey is the principal source of data regarding internet activity in Australia which is used to formulate Government policy.

Data from the Internet Activity Survey continues to be the highest statistical priority for the Department of Communications. Other key users include the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

How did this business get chosen for the survey?

The ABS compiles a list of all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) using lists from industry bodies such as the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman. In scope are the Australian-based operations of all businesses that supply internet connectivity services to individuals, business and other organisations.

What is the reference period?

The June release of the survey relates to information as at 30 June, except for volume of data downloaded, which is for three months ended 30 June.

The December release of the survey relates to information as at 31 December, except for volume of data downloaded, which is for three months ended 31 December.

How long will this business be on the survey?

If your business has 1,000 subscribers or more at the reference period, you will be selected for the survey. This survey is conducted biannually every June and December.

What questions are on the survey?

The survey asks about the total number of subscribers by type of access connection and whether they are classified as business/government or household. The next question asks the number of internet subscribers by advertised download speeds, in ranges, (excluding mobile handset subscribers which are counted separately elsewhere). The remainder of the questions are on the number of active mobile handset subscribers, the volume of data downloaded over the three months ending on the reference date by type of connection, and an indicator question on additional services offered by ISPs.


How do I access the web form?

To access your web form, click on the following web link or copy into your web browser - To log in, use the 6 digit 'User Identifier' and then the 'Password' details that are included in your letter from the ABS. If you have misplaced your letter and log in details, please call 1800 136 387 (free call excluding mobile phones) to request a new password.

Can I save an unfinished web form?

Yes, there is a functionality to save the web form when partially completed so you can return to it later. To do this simply click the Save and Exit button at the top of the form. This will save your form and exit you from the system. You will receive a confirmation message. You can then log back in to complete the survey at any time. Please be aware that, for security reasons, if there is inactivity on your computer for 20 minutes the web form will time out without saving.

Can I keep a record of my completed web form?

Yes, the ABS highly recommends that you keep a copy of your completed form for your own personal records.
  • To print a copy of the form, click the Print button on the receipt pages.
  • A sample version of the form is available to download by clicking Download Form from the navigation menu

Can I get an extension or request assistance to complete the web form?

If you need assistance in completing the web form, or have difficulties in meeting the due date, an extension of time may be available. Please call 1800 136 387 (free call excluding mobile phones) and advise our staff of your situation.


I have already sent you the information requested

If you believe you have already provided the ABS with the information requested for the Internet Activity Survey, please call our staff on 1800 136 387 (free call excluding mobile phones).

How can I get access to the results of the ABS survey?

Previous Internet Activity Survey results are available on the ABS website (catalogue number 8153.0) online at 8153.0 - Internet Activity, Australia.


The ABS is grateful for the cooperation of businesses in submitting completed forms promptly to enable early processing and timely release of results from our surveys. We look forward to your continued support.