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Registration basics


This page provides you with information about the types of licence available for registered ABS products - Individual and Organisational. It also explains how to manage your profile and register a new organisation.

To gain access to products that require registration, you will need to register and then choose either an Individual or Organisational Licence. You will then be able to apply for the products you want to use. See How to register for instructions.

Some products are available with either an Individual or an Organisational licence.

Individual Licences

Individual Licences are available for Census TableBuilder Basic & Pro (2006 and 2011) and Census DataPacks Online 2011.

Using your Individual Licence

An Individual Licence is for a single user. An Individual Licence can't be shared with others, but you may transfer your licence to another user. Your saved tables won't be transferred. It is your responsibility, though, to save your tables' custom groups for the new licence holder.

To transfer your Individual Licence for a paid product to another registered user, log in to My account and select the Summary tab. Once a licence is transferred, your saved tables will be deleted as these are not transferred to the new licence holder. Before licence transfer is finalised, the new licence holder must confirm that they accept the products Terms & Conditions. A Payment Officer can also request a transfer to another registered user by contacting the ABS on 1300 135 070.

Organisational Licences

Organisational Licences are available for Census TableBuilder 2011, Census DataPacks Online 2011 and all Survey TableBuilder datasets

If you are a member of an organisation, please check whether your organisation is already registered when you begin the registration process.

An Organisational multi-user licence allows an organisation to manage the number of users granted access to registered products. Each user licence is specifically for that user only and can't be shared with other members of the organisation. One or more Contact Officers in the organisation are responsible for managing their registered users' access.

See How to register for instructions on registering as a user under an Organisational licence, or registering as a Contact Officer for an organisation.

Contact Officer

The Contact Officer can:
  • approve or decline join organisation requests
  • approve or decline product access requests
  • add and/or remove additional contact officers
  • remove a member from the organisation
  • remove an organisation member's access to an organisational product licence
  • apply for additional products.

When removing an organisation member, please note that any custom groups should be downloaded before removing the user from the organisation and/or the product licence, as saved tables will be deleted.

If you leave the organisation or no longer require access, you must notify Contact Officer within your organisation.

Managing your profile

Once your account is activated, you can go to My account to update your contact details, password and secret question as well as apply for access to other registered ABS products.

Registering a new organisation

To register a new organisation, a Delegate and a Contact Officer are required. It is recommended that the Delegate is a person who is at a more senior level in the organisation than the Contact Officer.

See How to register for instructions on registering a new organisation.

Once the ABS has granted the licence and approved access to the product, members of the organisation can register and select their organisation. When the Contact Officer has confirmed that they are a member of the organisation, they can apply for access to the products. When the Contact Officer endorses their application, they can log in and access the products that they have requested.

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