Australian Health Survey - Stakeholder Information for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Survey will assist government, non-government and health researchers in understanding the health of Australians. The survey will provide estimates of the prevalence of certain chronic diseases and conditions, and will examine health risk factors and outcomes for different population groups. This will be achieved by combining the results of objective biomedical tests with self-reported survey-based results for a range of health conditions such as circulatory disease, diabetes and kidney disease.

With a number of these chronic diseases being collectively responsible for shortening the lives of so many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, comparisons with data collected in the general population will support assessment of progress in Closing the Gap in health outcomes. Information from the survey will provide a platform for a range of new research into health determinants and patterns.

Download the Information Sheet below to find out more.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Survey Information Sheet - provides detailed information about the survey and the type of information to be collected.