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ABS Contacts

National Information and Referral Service

The National Information and Referral Service is the first point of contact for all your statistical and publication enquiries.

Phone: 1300 135 070
Fax: 1300 135 211
Email: client.services@abs.gov.au
Post: Client Services, Australian Bureau of Statistics
GPO Box 796, Sydney

National Centre for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Statistics (NCATSIS)

Canberra and Darwin.

National Centre for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Statistics (NCATSIS)
Australian Bureau of Statistics
Locked Bag 10, Belconnen ACT 2616

Fax: (08) 8943 2139
Email: ncatsis@abs.gov.au


The National Centre for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Statistics (NCATSIS) has a leadership and coordination role for national statistical activity about Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
NCATSIS is a dual-site subject matter area with staff in both Canberra and Darwin. The broad objectives of NCATSIS are:

  • informing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, their organisations, and the wider community about statistics and statistical issues related to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples including demographic composition, social conditions and health status;
  • providing governments with reliable statistical information on Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population that can be used to support policy development and evaluation
  • assessing, reporting and promoting improvements in the quality of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander statistics from ABS and other survey administrative collections;
  • supporting best practice in the enumeration of statistics related to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population and in relevant quantitative methods;
  • assisting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations in the effective use of statistics; and
  • ensuring that broad consultation with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community remains a key strategy in the coordination and development of national statistics.

ABS Indigenous Engagement Managers and Indigenous Engagement Officers

The ABS has a combination of Indigenous Engagement Managers (IEMs) and Indigenous Engagement Officers (IEOs) in each Capital City Office (except Canberra) as part of its Indigenous Community Engagement Strategy (ICES). The goals of ICES, the IEMs and IEOs are to:
    • engage with urban and remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities through collaborative partnerships to increase understanding of and participation in ABS collections;
    • return information to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities including the provision of statistical training to communities in order to increase their access and usage of ABS information;
    • improve the quality and relevance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander statistics for key stakeholders including meeting the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.
Meet the ABS Indigenous Engagement Managers and Indigenous Engagement Officers:


Darren Williams

(P) 03 9615 7462


My name is Darren, I am a Wiradjuri man born in Wellington Central West NSW, I have lived in Victoria for over 10 years now. I've had a variety of roles ranging from NSW Police officer to a prison officer. I joined the Australian Public Service completing a Diploma of Government contract Management. This lead me to work for numerous departments from Centrelink and FaHCSIA., with my most recent the Australian Electoral Commission as the Indigenous Community Engagement Officer. In 2014 I was fortunate to be the successful candidate with the ABS as the Indigenous Engagement Manager, this has enable me to continue my engagement with the Victorian Indigenous Community to promote awareness, increase participation and knowledge on services, programs and statistical information relevant to the region.

South Australia

Ivan Copley JP OAM

(P) 08 8237 7437


'Yungalya (Hi), my name is Ivan Copley 'Tiwu'. I am of Aboriginal descent of the Peramangk people of the Mount Lofty Ranges on my Fathers side and of the Kaurna people of the Adelaide plains through my mothers side. I have been employed as IEM for South Australia since 2005. I am involved with the Aboriginal community through working with the Indigenous Information Network of South Australia. I also maintain records on missions, homes, language groups and Aboriginal peoples of SA, dating back to 1802. I have just recently (2012) completed and published a Aboriginal Language map of South Australia against Geographical locations.

Greg McCulloch

(P) 08 8237 7309


'Nukkan Ya (Hello) my name is Greg McCulloch I am a Ngarrindjeri man from the lower Coorong lakes area in SA. I worked for 2 years in an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander liaison role with Medicare before starting my employment with the ABS in January 2010. The ABS places a high priority on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander engagement. This strategic direction affords me the opportunity to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities with their data needs. Access to ABS data can facilitate communities making evidenced based decisions on budget priorities.

New South Wales/ACT

Will Swain

(P) 02 9268 4028


Hi, I am Will and I am a descendant of the Ngemba people from Western NSW. I was born and raised in La Perouse NSW. I joined the ABS as a Local Engagement Manager for the 2011 Census and enjoyed the experience so much that I applied for and won my current role of Indigenous Engagement Manager for NSW and ACT. I have been involved in Aboriginal education and employment for the last 10 years across western NSW. My role in the ABS has allowed me to assist community and organisation to raise their statistical knowledge and use, which helps facilitate positive outcomes at the community level.

Paul Ryan

(P) 02 9268 4565


My name is Paul Ryan and I am the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Community Engagement Officer for NSW/ACT for the Australian Bureau of Statistics. I am a Dharawal man from La Perouse NSW. I have worked in government and NGO in the past few years. I am excited to be a part of the Census team 2016, as it will give me a chance to work with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities. The ABS releases a lot of data and I hope we can provide it to communities to be used to create a positive effect on the ground.

Kate Buzzacott

(P) 03 6222 7057


Hello, I’m Kate Buzzacott. I have been lucky enough to work for Palawa/Pakana people through various roles in the Australian Government for the past ten years. As a Tasmanian I have developed close connections with many local Aboriginal people and community organisations, as well as some deep friendships. I am really grateful for the opportunity to take up the IEM role because I believe that the ABS stands out as an agency committed to a mutually beneficial relationship with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Western Australia

Ollie Smith

(P) 08 9360 5119


Ollie Smith is an Indigenous Australian woman. Her Aboriginal heritage is Bunaba from Fitzroy Crossing and Djaru from Halls Creek in the Kimberley region. Ollie is a survivor of the Stolen Generation forcibly removed from her parents and institutionalised in a Broome orphanage then later to Beagle Bay Mission. In Ollie’s family three generations were removed including her mother grandmother and grandfather. Being Aboriginal she has a very good knowledge and understanding of all facets of Aboriginal societies and culture because it is a most important part of her life and her identity.

Ollie holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Indigenous Australian Cultural Studies and previously worked for what was known as FaHCSIA which became Department of Social Services (DSS). Ollie joined the ABS in October 2015 as the Indigenous Engagement Manager in Western Australia.

Ollie is the co-author of the book called “Raging Partners”, a story about friendship between a white middle class female journalist and an Aboriginal woman, Ollie.

Northern Territory

Kelly Anderson

(P) 08 8943 2122


Hello, I am Kelly. My skin name is Nalyirri from the Doolboong tribe in Kununurra WA. In the 1950's my grandmother moved to Derby and that was where I was born. Derby is Nyikina country and I have quite an extended family base there too. I have also lived in Adelaide, Darwin, Jabiru and Rockhampton.

I moved to Darwin about four years ago. Over the past 9 years I have worked in the Australian Public Service in the field of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment and service delivery, in several States/Territories including South Australia, Western Australia and now in the Northern Territory.

I have come to the ABS on a twelve month transfer as an Indigenous Engagement Officer situated in the Northern Australia Regional Management Unit. I transferred from the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet where I worked in a similar engagement role. I have accessed ABS data throughout my working life, understanding the importance of this data and I’m keen to contribute to the enumeration of the 2016 census particularly with the urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population.


Annmarie Campbell

(P) 07 3222 6386


Hello, my name is Annmarie Campbell. My Aboriginal history is from Gunditjmara Victoria, but I grew up in Bunerong area of Victoria. I have worked with the Australian public service since 1990 with Department of Social Security which is now Department of Human Services Centrelink. I have had various roles within DHS including Indigenous liaison Officer and most recently working as a psychologist/rehabilitation counsellor in assessment services. As of the 1 July 2014 I became the Indigenous Engagement Manager in the Queensland ABS office. I look forward to learning about the Queensland culture and sharing a bit of my Victorian culture.

Edwina (Ed) Yasso

(P) 07 3222 6037


Hi, my name is Edwina (Ed) Yasso. I am a proud Aboriginal woman and South-sea Islander women, born in Bowen (Nth Qld). However for most of my childhood I spent this time, living in Katherine in the Northern Territory. I have been in the public service off and on since the age of 18, in various agencies in both the Commonwealth and State government, such as Department of Social Security – Centrelink to QLD State Penalty Enforcement Register (SPER). I have also been involved in various community projects throughout my employment history. I am looking forward to the new adventure that is the Australian Bureau of Statistics, which allows me to invest in my community through raising awareness of statistical knowledge and use. This I hope in turn will facilitate positive outcomes from the community level, upwards to government agencies in empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait people/s towards a brighter future.