Use our statistics?

We recognise that you want easy and fast access to rich, targeted statistical data for research and decision-making.

We are working to provide you with the data you want, when you want it, in a format that best suits your data needs.

There are multiple platforms to help you access data:

  • Detailed statistical data (microdata) is available to authorised customers across Australia through the ABS Data Laboratory (DataLab)
  • The ABS collaborated with CSIRO’s Data61, Australia’s leading data innovation group, to develop a better way to provide ABS statistics directly to NationalMap where data is displayed as an interactive map, making it easier to understand
  • Our multi-award winning ABS Stats App allows you to easily access the latest statistics including Consumer Price Index, Gross Domestic Product, 2016 Census data and the Australian population clock on your own device anywhere anytime. Some of the app’s features include the ability to send or receive notifications for key economic indicators, share statistics and compare the Census data of two regions.

What you told us....

You need easy and timely access to data, along with the flexibility to produce engaging visualisations, combine data with other sources, and tailor it for the specific needs of your audience. Given the dynamic environment you work in, you need to be able to innovate quickly.

You want to be able to find and understand relevant information on our website more quickly and easily. You told us the website is too complex, uses unfamiliar language and doesn't provide clear and easy to understand answers and navigation choices.

We listened

By 2019, ABS data and metadata will be instantly available upon release and will automatically flow through to the ABS website, ABS mobile apps and online applications, social media channels, and direct to external customers via automated machine-to-machine methods.

We are also designing a new website to make it easier to find, understand and use ABS information.

The DataLab story

What you told us….

Accessing detailed ABS statistical data, or microdata, was too difficult and frustrating because of our outdated systems and software, the delays to arranging access and the requirement to travel to a physical ABS office for time-limited access.

We listened

We produced a DataLab designed with the user in mind that provides secure access to highly detailed data for policy and statistical research. Initially limited to physical on-site access, DataLab now provides virtual access to authorised users from their own place of work.

We are continually evolving DataLab and providing safe and secure access to authorised users. Over 400 people from almost 50 different organisations have been trained to use DataLab. These include a growing number of people from the Australian Government, state and territory governments, as well as academic researchers.


A printable factsheet outlining the benefits of the ABS Transformation program for the people who use our statistics.

Download PDF - Data users factsheet.pdf

ABS Transformation

What this means for you

Transformation in action