Review of 2021 Census topics

Every Census, the ABS makes a recommendation to the Australian Government on the topics that should be included in the Census. The ABS will be inviting data users, organisations and community groups to share your data needs to ensure the 2021 Census collects the most useful information.

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Briefing details
Time: 2pm to 3pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
Date: Thursday, 5 April 2018

The 2016 Census was comprehensive and included 60 questions on the following topics:
    • Population
    • Households and families
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
    • Income and work
    • Unpaid work and care
    • Education and training
    • Disability and carers
    • Housing
    • Location
    • Transport
    • Cultural diversity

What should you include in your submission?

Your submission will need to show that:

    • the topic is of current national importance
    • there is a need for data from a Census of the whole population
    • the topic can be accurately collected in a form which the household completes themselves
    • the topic would be acceptable to Census respondents
    • the topic can be collected efficiently
    • there is likely to be a continuing need for data on the topic in the following Census
    • there are no other suitable alternative data sources or solutions that could meet the topic need.

What does the review involve?

The review has started with individual consultation with key stakeholders and the ABS. A public submission process will be open from April to June 2018 (with details published in March).
A summary of the consultation will published to inform the refinement of the ABS's recommendations to the Australian Government. The ABS will publish the final 2021 Census questions in late 2020.

Image: 1.ABS begins consultation

Future census planning

As we work towards 2021, the ABS will share information and seek views to inform our planning on how people can participate in the Census, our approach to ensuring privacy and security of information or how we provide the final Census results.