Interviewer Recruitment

Do you want to help shape government policy and help to make Australia a better place?

If so, the ABS is looking for community minded people to join its team of home based interviewers.

If you are a person who enjoys:
  • having some flexibility in arranging work in a way that fits in with your lifestyle;
  • working independently from home with ongoing support and training opportunities;
  • asking questions, and finding out about a wide variety of topics from health to household income;
  • the freedom to use your judgement; and
  • the challenge of persuading people to take part in official government surveys
then you may be interested in applying to join our team of home based interviewers

You can do your part for the community by helping the ABS collect information. It is important work because the decisions based on this information are ones that could affect us all.

The ABS has a team of approximately 500 home based interviewers located in all major urban centres in each State and Territory, as well as many rural and smaller urban localities. Recruitment of interviewers occurs regularly throughout the year.