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Corporate Services Division

    Type of Work:

    • Project work;
    • Strategy development;
    • Contract management;
    • Systems analysis and improvement;
    • Research and data analysis in relation to workforce planning and HR trends;
    • Assisting with recruitment and retention initiatives;
    • Assisting in preparing and monitoring the ABS budget, preparing financial statements;
    • Promoting and managing health and safety;
    • Planning, developing and delivering training courses.
    • Writing and interpreting policy; or
    • Co-ordinating internal and external forums.

    Key areas of Work:

    • Strategic HR;
    • Workplace Relations;
    • Health and Safety;
    • Financial Management;
    • Workforce Planning;
    • National Training and Development;
    • Recruitment;
    • Business Systems;
    • Property and Procurement;
    • Corporate Policy; and
    • People Management;
    • Industrial Relation;
    • Policy & Legislation; or
    • Corporate Communication.

    Relevant degrees are:
    • Human Resource Management, Accounting, Industrial Relations, Management, Psychology, Communications, Business, Commerce, and Policy/Legislation/Planning

Opportunities are available in Central Office and some Regional Offices around Australia.

Who we are

The Corporate Services Division (CSD) engages with ABS business areas to support and grow the organisation. We help the ABS achieve its vision. CSD works cooperatively with clients to ensure that the ABS has processes and systems in place to support its employees, manage its resources, meet its commitments and plan at a corporate level for the future.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for applicants who:
  1. like to communicate with a range of people in a variety of mediums (written and oral);
  2. have strong interpersonal skills with a proven client focus;
  3. are flexible, adaptable, and innovative while also being mindful of relevant legislation; and
  4. work with key stakeholders to understand their people needs.

We are looking for the sort of person who would like to contribute to the strategic direction and goals of the organisation through the provision of timely and accurate HR services and corporate support. You enjoy responsibility and are happy to work hard to exceed client expectations where possible. You are able to earn the trust of colleagues and clients and present with a professional and friendly manner. Your strong interpersonal skills will be valued as will your ability to be flexible, adaptable and innovative while also being mindful of legislation. You will have a record of academic achievement in a range of disciplines including human resource management, accounting, industrial relations, management, psychology, communications, business or commerce.