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Humanities C@S Projects help students to gain an understanding of Australian society, its history and environment. The projects cover a range of topics such as the diversity of our population, the lifestyle and leisure activities of our students, and the changes in our lifestyles.

For each project, we’ve included a student worksheet, a simplified data sample and a table of data for use when Internet access is unavailable. You can also modify each of the activities to suit your own purposes.

If your students don’t have access to computers to generate a random sample, you can download data from our Prepared Samples.

Year Level
Related Survey Questions

CasSos20Being Australian, Similarities and Differences

5 - 8
Students use birth place and the language spoken at home to begin an examination of cultural diversity. The activity extends through to discussing what is important about being Australian.
    Q. Sex
    Q. Birthplace
    Q. Eye colour
    Q. Breakfast foods
    Q. Favourite music

Water Management
8 - 10
Students collect and analyse CensusAtSchool data about attitudes to the importance of environmental and water issues. They construct graphs to support their findings and draw conclusions to support a letter they prepare.
    Q. Environmental issues
    Q. Actions taken to conserve water

Hot School Spot
9 - 10
In this activity students are asked to deliver a presentation which promotes a student community they select as the best community for a new reality TV show called "Hot School Spot".
    Q. Almost all questions on survey apply


Investigating History
8 - 10
Students use the CensusAtSchool website as a primary source for historical studies to investigate the background and heritage of Australian students. They use CensusAtSchool data to gather information and publish their results using tables and graphs.
    Q. Almost all questions on survey apply

How has student life changed since 1901?
8 - 10
In this activity students are asked to write an essay on how student life has changed in Australia since 1901. They can use 1901 census data and CensusAtSchool data to support their argument.
    Investigation questions are determined by student

The Ranch
8 - 10
Students research and analyse the leisure time patterns of Australian school students using real data obtained from the CensusAtSchool Random Sampler. This is used to plan equipment for the ranch.
    Q. Technology used at home
    Q. Leisure activities
    Q. Favourite music


Comparative Shopping
8 - 10
Students are asked to create two Christmas brochures for the Zen electronic trading company targeted at particular communities. This involves using information from a variety of sources such as, advertising flyers and catalogues and CensusAtSchool data.
    Q. Source of money earned or received
    Q. Amount of money earned or received
    Q. Technology used at home
    Q. Leisure activities
    Q. Favourite sport

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