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Back to CensusAtSchool home page CaSQ 30 - Venn Diagrams: Eye Colour vs Internet Access

You can download this activity as a rich text file (RTF) using the link at the bottom of the page.

How to: Get a Random Sample from CensusAtSchool

Go to the CensusAtSchool Random Sampler to download a sample.

Reference year: (Select year) Sample size: At least 100 students

Select questions: Eye colour, Internet access at home

Location: Select location Year level: (Select a range of year levels)

To protect privacy there is a rule built into the sampler that the requested sample size cannot exceed 10% of the respondents for the parameters entered.

Riley thinks that brown eyed people are more likely to have broadband internet access than people with blue eyes.

He uses a random sample of one hundred students who have either blue or brown eyes from CensusAtSchool to construct this Venn Diagram.

Venn Diagram brown eyes and broadband


Investigate whether Riley is correct or not.

1. In your CensusAtSchool random sample, find the question about eye colour, and the question about internet access at home.

You are only interested in people with blue or brown eyes. Go down the list of eye colour, and tally the frequency of broadband access or not, in the table below.

You want a sample of twenty blue eyed students and twenty brown eyed students.

Blue eyesBrown eyesTotal
Broadband access
Not Broadband access

2. Fill in the blank Venn diagram below using your table.

Venn diagram brown eyes and broadband

3. Examine your diagram. Do more blue eyed or brown eyed people have broadband internet access at home?

4. Look at Riley’s Venn diagram below. Riley’s statement is that brown eyed people are more likely to have broadband internet access than people with blue eyes. Based on your findings, is Riley correct?

Venn diagram brown eyes and broadband

5. Explain why we cannot make fair comparisons between your and Riley’s Venn diagrams.

6. Change your Venn diagram to percentages, to match Riley’s. (Hint: Multiply all the numbers by the same whole number)

Venn diagram brown eyes and broadband

7. Write a summary paragraph comparing Riley’s and your Venn diagrams.

Download the Activity:

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