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You can download this activity as a rich text file (RTF) using the link at the bottom of the page.

How to: Get a Random Sample from CensusAtSchool

Go to the CensusAtSchool Random Sampler and get a sample.

Reference year: Select year Sample size: At least 5 students

Select questions: Hours spent doing activities

Location: Select location Year level: Select your year level

To protect privacy there is a rule built into the sampler that the requested sample size cannot exceed 10% of the respondents for the parameters entered.


In the CensusAtSchool random sample find data for the number of hours a week spent on the given list of activities.

1. Give your investigation a title. Hint: What question are you trying to answer?

2. For your sample, find the total number of hours spent on each activity. Enter your results into a table like the one below.

FriendsPhoneHomeworkFamilySportVideo gamesSMSComputerT.V.Paid workHouse work
Total hours spent

3. Set up a pair of axes using a scale on the vertical axis that will allow your largest value to be shown. The horizontal axis will need to show 11 evenly sized and labelled intervals.

4. Create a picture graph for each of the categories shown in your table. Choose a picture for each activity. You can make your picture equal more than one value e.g. you might make one picture represent 5 or 10 hours. Label each picture in a key.

5. Based on your picture graph, describe what you found about the amount of time spent on the different types of activity. You should refer to the most popular and the least popular and any unexpected results.


6. Create a picture graph based on the mean time spent on each activity. Does it tell us a different story of the hours spent on different activities?

7. It would be logical to make further comparisons of the activities e.g. to see if there was any difference between males and females. Complete another picture graph that shows side by side the results for males and females. Comment on your results.

8. Choose a larger sample and create a picture graph based on average activity time.

Download the activity:

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