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Back to CensusAtSchool home page CaSQ 11 - Stacked Bar Graphs: Fast Food Vs Place of Birth

You can download this activity as a rich text file (RTF) using the link at the bottom of the page.

How to: Get a Random Sample from CensusAtSchool

Go to the CensusAtSchool Random Sampler to download a sample.

Reference year: (select year) Sample size: 200 students

Select questions: Favourite type of take-away food

Location: Select location Year level: (select a range of year levels)

To protect privacy there is a rule built into the sampler that the requested sample size cannot exceed 10% of the respondents for the parameters entered.

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Please note: This task can be completed by hand or using a computer.


1. In your CensusAtSchool random sample, find the questions about ‘which state/territory do you live in?’, and the question about ‘what is your favourite type of takeaway?’, and:
      Copy and paste the two columns into an Excel spreadsheet, or
      Select and print the two columns from the spreadsheet to glue in your workbook.

2. Sort your data by state; it’s easier if you use the SORT function in Excel.

3. Select three states/territories in Australia you would like to investigate. Each state must have at least twenty student answers.

4. Use the first twenty student answers from each of the three states to fill in the frequency table over leaf. You are only using sixty student answers all together.

5. Use the frequencies to calculate percentages for each favourite type of takeaway food within each state.

6. Use the percentages to create a stacked bar chart for each of the three states/territories that you are investigating.
      Decide on a scale for the y axis.
      Use different colours or patterns for each fast food, and create a key.
      It will be helpful if you graph the different categories of fast food in the same order so you can compare.
      To help you with questions 8 and 9, you could reorder the food categories from 'foods you should eat the most' to 'foods you should eat the least'.

7. Can you identify any trends between people’s most popular fast food and the state/territory they live in?

8. In your opinion, people living in which state/territory have the most unhealthy fast food favourites? Give reasons for your answer.

9. In your opinion, people living in which state/territory have the most healthy fast food favourites? Give reasons for your answer.

10. Why is this data best displayed in a stacked bar graph? Give reasons.

11. List some other ways to graph this data.

Frequency table of Favourite type of takeaway by state/territory living in
State →
Type of takeaway↓
Chicken (eg. BBQ chicken)
Chips/ Fries
Fish (eg. Fish and Chips)
Fruit/ Fruit Salad
Kebabs/ Wraps
Noodle dishes
Pies/ Pasties
Pizza/ Pasta
Rice dishes (eg. Sushi)
Rolls/ Sandwiches
Total100 %100 %100 %


Use your random sample or take other random samples from international CensusAtSchool to investigate and answer the following question:

Do people born overseas have different favourite fast foods to people born in Australia?

Give examples and suggest reasons, using graphs and summaries.

Download the Activity:

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