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Back to CensusAtSchool home page CaSQ 10B - Comparing Census and CensusAtSchool using Ratio, Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

You can download this activity as a rich text file (RTF) using the link at the bottom of the page.

In QuickCaS Activity 10A you would have investigated Ratio, Fractions, Decimals and Percentages using a random sample taken from CensusAtSchool.


1. Navigate through the Australian Bureau of Statistics website to find population count on Census night from each state and territory to make a comparison between your CensusAtSchool data and Census data.
    Go to
    Select ‘Quick Stats’ under ‘Data and Analysis’ from the grey list on the left hand side.
    Use 'QuickStatsSearch' on the right hand side to get the population of each state and territory by typing in each state and territory.
    Make sure you select the correct state/territory, it will have (STE) written underneath.
    Record the first statistic, labelled 'People'.

2. Copy the population count on Census night from each state into the table below. Make sure you add the total up yourself. Complete the rest of the table for ‘Ratio, Fraction, Decimal and Percentage’

Population Count on Census night ________________


3. Choose one of the categories from the Census table above, (Ratio, Fraction, Decimal or Percentage) and fill in the map of Australia by writing the appropriate number in each state. Do not choose frequency.

4. We want to compare CensusAtSchool data and Census data. Add this information to your map of Australia. Go back to your table from Activity 10A, and select the category that matches the category of Census data you wrote on your Australian map. Add the CensusAtSchool data to your Australian map too.

5. Which state has the largest portion of people living in it on Census night? ________________________

6. Which state has the smallest portion of people living in it on Census night? _______________________

7. Rank all the states from largest to smallest portions of the population count on Census night.
Outline in red the border of the state you live.
Shade in green the state with the largest portion.
Shade in yellow the state with the smallest portion.

8. Write a summary paragraph comparing your Census and CensusAtSchool results looking at population of states and territories of Australia.

9. Why would taking a larger random sample for CensusAtSchool make your calculations more accurate?

10. Why will CensusAtSchool data differ from Census data?

Download the full activity:

Download the No Internet Access activity:

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