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These Interesting Statistics use CensusAtSchool data collected in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Interesting Statistics from the 2012 C@S Questionnaire
Interesting Statistics from the 2011 C@S Questionnaire
Interesting Statistics from the 2010 C@S Questionnaire

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Interesting statistics from the 2013 C@S Questionnaire

Lifestyle Analysis

Internet use
  • Girls more often use the Internet for social networking (52%) than boys (38%).
  • Both boys and girls continue to use the Internet often for researching on school work (17% and 27% respectively).
  • Whilst boys most often use the Internet for playing games (47%), it is a far less popular activity for girls when they use the Internet (19%).
  • Using the Internet often to share music and photos was of similar interest to both girls (31%) and boys (30%).
  • Using the Internet to buy and sell things is of least interest to both boys (7%) and girls (5%).

Actions taken to conserve the environment
  • Turning off the tap while brushing teeth is the most popular action taken by Australian students as a way of conserving the environment. 90% of South Australian students and 88% of Victorian students are turning the tap off.
  • Recycling household rubbish is the second highest ranked action across the states and territories. This is most popular in South Australia, where 87% of students say they recycle.
  • Australian students who turn off appliances at the power point are mostly from NSW, NT and Vic (at 52% each), followed closely by SA and Qld at 51% each.
  • Installation of a water tank really tanked with NT students in 2013, with only 19% of students indicating their homes had one installed. In contrast, SA students had the highest degree of tank installation across Australia (62%).
  • Across Australia, students take shorter showers as a way of conserving the environment, with WA taking the lead (54%).

Favourite sport
  • Netball remains the preferred sport amongst Australian girls in 2013 (21%); this sport has been girls' favourite since 2010.
  • Dancing remains a firm second favourite with girls in 2013, holding this position since 2010.
  • Soccer has confirmed its place as the favourite sport amongst Australian boys for the last three years, with 17% preferring it in 2013.
  • AFL remains the second favourite sport amongst boys, despite its decline in popularity since 2010.
  • Basketball has grown in popularity with both boys and girls since 2010, with 10% of boys and 8% of girls preferring it in 2013.

Favourite take-away food
  • Pizza/Pasta has remained the most irresistible take-away food amongst Australian students since 2010. Over 20% of students chose Pizza/Pasta as their favourite each year.
  • In 2013, Chips/Fries have retained second place in the favourite fast food stakes, unchanged since 2010.
  • Aussie kids are telling us 'rice is nice' - rice dishes such as sushi have shown the biggest rate of change between 2010 and 2013, with an increase in popularity from 4.6% to 6.5%.
  • Kebabs/Wraps have got it all wrapped up with Aussie kids, taking a slice out of the traditional Aussie love of a sanga. Kebabs/Wraps continue to be more popular than rolls and sandwiches in 2013.
  • Whilst the third favourite take-away food for Aussie students in 2013, hamburgers have gradually declined in favour since 2010 (down from 11.4% to 10.1%).

Access to the Internet at home
  • The number of students using broadband at home has increased 19% between 2006 and 2013.
  • Internet access at home is becoming increasingly part of everyday life. Students who cannot access the Internet has decreased from 14% in 2006 to 5% in 2013.
  • The biggest change over time is percentage of students using dial-up connection, reducing by a factor of ten since 2006.
  • Since 2006, students accessing the Internet at home using their mobiles or other devices has increased more than 16%.
  • Whilst declining since 2011, broadband connection continues to be the dominant method of home Internet access for Australian students.

Opinion Analysis

Importance of social and environmental issues
  • Reducing bullying in schools continues to be the leading social issue for students across all states and territories.
  • Having healthy eating habits is the second most important social concern for students, particularly to those in NSW with a median level of 746.
  • Nationally, conserving water continues to be the most important environmental issue for students. WA was the highest with a median value of 687.
  • Students place less importance on owning a computer; in contrast, access to the Internet is the third most important of all listed issues.
  • Conserving old growth forests is the least important environmental issue for Aussie students (median value of 509).

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