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  • Tasmania is the only state where travelling by bus is more common than by car, with 53% of students choosing the bus.
  • With the exception of Tasmania, the most popular method of travel to school is by car. South Australian students use the car the most of any state or territory with 53%.
  • Travelling to school by skateboard, scooter or rollerblades is the preferred method of travel for 2% of students in the ACT.
  • Using the train to travel to school was more popular in Victoria than other states and territories, with 4% of Victorian students using the train.
  • In the Northern Territory, 6% of students travel to school by bicycle, making it more popular than in other states and territories.
  • Walking was the third most popular method of travelling to school. New South Wales have the highest percentage of students who walk to school (20%).
  • Girls Facebook and Tweet more regularly than boys with 50% of females often accessing social networking sites compared with 39% of males.
  • Boys use YouTube more than girls. Males who selected sometimes or often totalled 64% while females added up to 54%.
  • Most online gamers are boys. More males (42%) than females (18%) indicated they often use the internet to play games.
  • Boys and girls upload and download music and photos roughly equally as often. Females selected often 30% of the time while only 29% of males selected it.
  • Social networking is replacing emailing as the most popular way for boys and girls to communicate online. Only 18% of females and 10% of males say they often email.
  • Pizza and pasta are the most popular takeaway food for students in all state and territories. It is the most popular with ACT students (24%).
  • The preference for takeaway chicken shows little variation between states and territories nationally. Takeaway chicken is most popular with student in the ACT (8%) and least popular with Northern Territory students (6%).
  • Kebabs or wraps are more popular than rolls or sandwiches. They are most popular with students in New South Wales (11%) and least popular with South Australians (4%).
  • Chips and fries are the second most popular takeaway food with students. Chips and fries are most popular in Victoria (18%) and least popular in the ACT (14%).
  • Hamburgers are in the top five favourite takeaway foods in all states and territories. Hamburgers are most popular in WA (14%) and least popular in Victoria (9%).
  • 2011 is the first year that soccer is more popular than AFL since CensusAtSchool started, with 17% of male students favouring soccer.
  • Basketball is the fourth most popular sport for both males (8%) and with females (7%).
  • Tennis is evenly shared as the favourite sport amongst males and females (4%)
  • Netball has been the most popular sport for females since CensusAtSchool started. In 2011, 23% of female students say netball is their favourite sport.
  • AFL football is the second most popular sport for males, with 16% of students preferring AFL.
  • Dancing is the second most popular sport amongst female students with 15% favouring dance.
  • Nationally, 3% of male students and 4% of female students say they do not have a favourite sport.

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