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Back to CensusAtSchool home page Interesting Statistics from the 2010 C@S Questionnaire

  • More than 178,000 students have completed the CensusAtSchool Questionnaire since 2006.
  • 42.4% of male students often play games on the Internet and 12% email families and friends.
  • In a week, Year 10 students spend an average of 14 hours with friends, 8 hrs watching TV, 6 hrs playing sport, and 4 hrs doing homework.
  • 23.1% of female students and 20.4% of male students speak another language as well as English.
  • Having healthy eating habits, conserving water and reducing bullying in schools are the most important social issues for students in NSW.
  • Reducing pollution is more important to students in the ACT than those in Tasmania, but having Internet access is more important to Tasmanian students than those in the ACT.
  • Students in the Northern Territory are twice as likely as Victorian students to take the bus to school.
  • Year 4-6 students like to spend time with their families while Year 10-12 students prefer to hang out with friends or surf the Internet.
  • Australian students’ favourite take away foods are pizza and pasta, followed by chips. Their least favourite foods are rolls and sandwiches.
  • Playing netball is the most favourite activity of female students, followed by dancing, and then swimming.
  • On average, Year 5 students sleep for 9.5 hrs while Year 12 students sleep for 7.7 hrs.
  • Most Australian students get to school by car, bus or walking; very few skate, scooter or take a boat.
  • 91% of Year 5 students turn off the tap while brushing their teeth, 82.5% recycle rubbish, 72.9% take short showers and 50.6% turn off appliances at the power point.
  • The percentage of students using email has decreased from 40% in 2006 to 25% in 2008, and 15% in 2010.
  • In 2010, Pop was the most popular style of music with female students but back in 2006, female students preferred Rap/Hip Hop.
  • Rap/Hip Hop is the most popular style of music among male students today but in 2006, male students preferred music style was Rock and Roll.
  • More students use social networking sites such as Facebook today than they did in 2006.
  • In 2008, the top three sports male students most enjoyed playing were: football, basketball and Rugby League.
  • In 2010, the top three sports male students play are AFL, soccer and Rugby League.

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