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Quick C@S activities take less than 30 minutes to complete and each task invites modification to suit your context. The learning tasks relate to a specific question from the CensusAtSchool questionnaire and many tasks invite students to download data from the Random Sampler. If your students don't have access to computers to generate a random sample, you can download data from our Prepared Samples.

The following learning tasks (Quick C@S Activities) have been coded to provide suggested starting points for alignment with the new Australian Curriculum Mathematics (ACM). In order to facilitate deep learning, the ACM code is provided as a link to the Content Description by year level, matched to an appropriate learning task. You can access a range of ABS Education Services resources, including CensusAtSchool, through Scootle.

We welcome your feedback. We're keen to know if you recommend a learning task be linked to a different content description. Please provide your feedback via email to CensusAtSchool - Australia at

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ACM CodeLearning TaskCaSQ IDCensusAtSchool Questionnaire Topic


The Birth Month ParadoxCaSQ 9ABirth month

Pie Graph of Eye Colour Using Paper FoldingCaSQ 12AEye colour

Pie Graph of Eye Colour by Calculating Angle SizeCaSQ 12BEye colour

Pie Graph of Eye Colour Using COUNTIF in ExcelCaSQ 12CEye colour

Picture Graph of Activity TimeCaSQ 14Activity time

ACMSP119Bar Graphs of Favourite MusicCaSQ 15Favourite music

ACMSP119Column Graph of Internet Use Using Excel CaSQ 18Internet usage


ACMNA131Ratio, Fractions, Decimals and PercentagesCaSQ 10ABirth place, Takeaway foods

ACMNA131Comparing Census and CensusAtSchool using Ratio, Fractions, Decimals and PercentagesCaSQ 10BState/territory

ACMSP147Stacked Bar Graphs: Fast Food vs Place of BirthCaSQ 11Birth place, Takeaway foods

ACMSP147Side by Side Bar Graph for Sex vs Favourite SportCaSQ 16Sex, Favourite sport

ACMSP147What Graph to use whenCaSQ 38Year level, State/territory, Eye colour

ACMSP147Side by Side Column GraphsCaSQ 40Year level, Concentration time


ACMSP171Mean of Belly Button HeightsCaSQ 1ABelly button height from floor

ACMSP169The Difference Between Numerical and Categorical DataCaSQ 3AAll questions

ACMSP169Numerical Data: What's the Difference Between Discrete and Continuous?CaSQ 3BAll questions

ACMSP169Categorical Data: What's the Difference Between Nominal and Ordinal?CaSQ 3CAll questions

ACMSP170Stem and Leaf Plot of Travel TimeCaSQ 8Time to get to school

ACMSP170Scatter Plots. Year Level vs Concentration TimeCaSQ 17AYear level, Concentration time

ACMSP170Scatter Plot Using Excel 2007/2010CaSQ 19Reaction time (dominant and non-dominant)

ACMSP171Mean, Median and Mode of Hours Slept Per NightCaSQ 21Hours of sleep

ACMSP171Calculating Mean, Median and Mode Using ExcelCaSQ 26Hours of sleep

ACMSP172Do Swimmers Have Longer Bodies than Runners?CaSQ 33Height, Belly button height from floor, Favourite sport


The Effects of Outliers on Measures of CentreCaSQ 2Foot length

ACMSP284Taking a Stratified Sample from a Data SetCaSQ 20This activity includes solutionsSummary data - students participation in questionnaire

ACMSP284The Randomness of RainCaSQ 23

ACMSP293Comparing Samples to a Population Using ExcelCaSQ 29Environment actions

ACMSP292Venn Diagrams: Eye Colour vs Internet AccessCaSQ 30Eye colour, Internet usage

ACMSP293Is My Class Green? Comparing Samples and PopulationCaSQ 31Environment actions


ACMSP282Split Stem and Leaf Plot for Hours SleptCaSQ 7Hours of sleep

Back to Back Stem and Leaf Plot of Sex vs Concentration TimeCaSQ 22Sex, Concentration time

ACMSP228Using Graphs to Design Your Own InvestigationCaSQ 25A

ACMSP283Calculating the Environmental Deviation from the MeanCaSQ 32AEnvironment actions

ACMSP283Using the Environmental Deviation from the MeanCaSQ 32BSummary data of Environmental Issues


ACMSP278Mean and Standard Deviation of Belly Button HeightsCaSQ 1BBelly button height from floor

ACMSP251Scatter Plots: Making Predictions for Height vs Arm SpanCaSQ 4AHeight, Arm span

ACMSP251Scatter Plots: Line of Best Fit for Height vs Arm SpanCaSQ 4BHeight, Arm Span

ACMSP249Parallel Box and Whisker Plots of Money EarnedCaSQ 6AIncome

Birth Month Paradox Theoretical ProbabilityCaSQ 9BBirth month

ACMSP251Scatter Plots: Correlation and Fitting a Trend LineCaSQ 17BYear level, Concentration time

ACMSP252Writing Instructions to Make a Scatter Plot of Height vs Foot LengthCaSQ 24AHeight, Foot length

Using Bivariate Data to Make a Scatter PlotCaSQ 24BHeight, Foot length

ACMSP279Using a Trend Line to find a Relationship Between Height and Foot LengthCaSQ 24CHeight, Foot length

Using Graphs and Summary Statistics to Investigate Numerical DataCaSQ 25B

ACMSP252Time Series of HeightCaSQ 27Year level, Height

ACMSP249Parallel Box and Whisker Plots of Hours SleptCaSQ 28Sex, Hours of sleep

Using Box Plots to Compare Heights of UK and Australian StudentsCaSQ 34Birth year, Sex, Height

Drawing a Box and Whisker Plot of Foot LengthCaSQ 35ASex, Foot length

Creating Box and Whisker Plots of Foot Length in ExcelCaSQ 35BSex, Foot length

Creating a Box and Whisker Plot using ExcelCaSQ 35CSex, Foot length

Comparing Data Displays of Foot LengthCaSQ 37Sex, Year level, Foot length

ACMSP251Scatter Plots and Pearson's r for C@S DataCaSQ 39This activity includes solutionsVarious

Senior Secondary Mathematics

Cause and Effect: Height and Dominant Hand Reaction TimeCaSQ 5Height, Reaction time (dominant)

Box and Whisker Plot of Money Earned with Calculation of OutliersCaSQ 6BIncome

Birth Month Paradox IWBCaSQ 9CBirth month

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