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GeoQ 11 – Which State or Territory is this?

Please note: This task can be completed by hand or on a computer.
You can download this activity as a Word (.doc) file using the links at the bottom of the page.

When drawing or studying a graph it is useful to look at the following aspects: scale, axes, legend and title. (SALT)
    1. For the population pyramids overleaf explain what you understand by:

Scale –

Axes –

Legend –

Title -
    2. Study the population structure shown by the population pyramids and using the number beside each one identify
    Two States or Territories with a similar population structure.
    Two States or Territories with a different population structure.
    One State or Territory with a smaller proportion of people over 80 years of age.
    One State or Territory which has a higher proportion of its population aged 65 and above.
    One State or Territory with a waistline (where in one or more age groups there are fewer people)
    One State or Territory which you would expect to have a younger median population.
      One State or Territory where from 0 - 60 years of age, there is a similar number of people in each age category.
      3. Study the 8 population pyramids and determine which belongs to each State or Territory. Write your answer beside each number.
        4. Confirm your answer using the ABS website ( Go to the Population Clock on the home page and beneath it select the ‘Animated Population Pyramids’. To view these you will need ‘Flash’ loaded to your computer.
      Population Pyramids for Australian States and Territories, 2011.

      1. 2.3.4.


      View the population pyramid for Australia beneath the Population Clock on the ABS website ( To view this you will need ‘Flash’ loaded to your computer.
        1. Which of the State or Territory population pyramids most resembles the 2011 population pyramid for Australia?
        2. Draw 3 quick thumbnail sketches using the axes provided below, to show how the Australian population structure changes between 1971, 2011 and 2056.

      1971 2011 2056

      3. Summarise the changes you observe for this period.


      11QuickGeog_Which State or Territory.rtf11QuickGeog_Which State or Territory.rtf

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