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Early childhood learning and care: data sources, gaps and opportunities, 2008 (cat no. 4105.0.55.001)
Education and Training Newsletter, October 2013 (cat no. 4211.0)
Enhancing the Australian CPI: A roadmap, Aug 2015 (cat no. 6401.0.60.001)
Estimated Resident Population Census DVD DataPack, 2011 (cat no. 2069.0.30.010)
Estimates of Imputed Rent, Australia, 2015-16 (cat no. 6525.0)
Experimental Estimates for Australian Industry adjusted for Off-June Year Reporting, 2011-12 (cat no. 8169.0)
Experimental Output Measures for the Australian Justice Sector, 1993-94 and 1998-99 (cat no. 1351.0.55.003)
Experimental Price Index for Retail Trade Margins, 2003 to 2006: Information Paper, 2003 to 2006 (cat no. 6402.0)
Experimental Producer Price Index for the Output of the Retail Trade Industry, Australia, 2013 (cat no. 6427.0.55.007)