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To provide information on the characteristics of the accommodation industry in Australia. This includes caravan parks and camping grounds, which are included as an industry in the Australian Culture and Leisure Classifications.


The survey collects information about employing businesses classified to ANZSIC Class 5710 Accommodation. This ANZSIC class comprises businesses predominantly engaged in the provision of short-term accommodation in hotels, motels, serviced apartments, flats/units, guest houses and youth hostels, and of both short- and long-term accommodation in caravan parks, camping grounds and student residences (excludes boarding schools). The data are collected by mail-out questionnaire sent to a sample of about 1,400 (in the 2000-01 survey) employing businesses classified to that ANZSIC class in the ABS business register.

The focus of the Accommodation Industry survey is the collection of data about the characteristics of businesses in the industry, rather than the collection of data about demand for tourist accommodation in a wider range of businesses providing accommodation, the latter being the focus of the Tourist accommodation survey.

A proportion of accommodation activity in Australia is not normally covered by the Accommodation Industry survey, as some businesses providing accommodation have predominant income from other activities and hence are classified to other industries, some of which are also covered by this directory, i.e. the Clubs (hospitality), Pubs, taverns and bars, and Casinos industries. Other examples of accommodation providers outside of the accommodation industry are local governments (caravan parks) and real estate agents renting houses, flats and units for individual owners. However, the survey in respect of 2000-01 did collect some of the following data about the caravan park operations of governments (mainly local governments).






Number of businesses

The number of businesses mainly engaged in providing accommodation services as at the end of the reference year, which is the financial year ending just prior to the despatch of survey forms.

Type of accommodation establishment

Licensed hotels
Serviced apartments
Caravan parks/camping grounds
Visitor hostels (including backpacker hostels) providing accommodation on a bed-only basis
Bed and breakfast establishments
Other accommodation (including holiday flats, guest houses and student residences etc.)

Type of caravan park

Categorises caravan parks by the sector of their operator. The categories are:
Government-operated (mainly local government)


The number of persons working for the business during the last pay period ending in June of the reference year may be categorised by:
Working proprietors and partners of unincorporated businesses
Permanent full-time employees
Permanent part-time employees
Casual employees
Sex of employed person

Seasonal employment

The number of persons working for the business during the last pay period for the months of September, December, March and June of the reference year.

Income items

The items which make up the income of the accommodation industry are:
Takings from provision of accommodation
Takings from meals
Sale of liquor and other beverages
Sale of other goods
Income from gambling
Income from catering commissions/concessions
Rent, leasing and hiring income
Telecommunication services
Income from management fees
Interest income
Other income

Income from conventions

The income earned from the provision of accommodation, food , beverages, room hire and equipment hire for on-site and off-site conventions and meetings.

Expenditure items

The items which make up the expenses of the accommodation industry include:
Labour costs (including wages and salaries; employer contributions to superannuation funds; worker's compensation costs)
Poker/gaming machine taxes and other gambling taxes/levies
Purchases of liquor and other beverages
Purchases of foodstuffs for use in preparing meals
Laundry and cleaning services
Repair and maintenance expenses
Other expenses

Business characteristics

Number of establishments
Operating profit before tax
Operating profit margin
Selected performance ratios

Business size

The size of the business in terms of its number of employees during the last pay period of the reference year. This can be grouped into ranges such as:
0-4 persons
100 or more

Geographic area

Australia, States and Territories.


These data were collected in respect of 1979-80, 1986-87 and 1991-92 as part of the Hospitality Industry Survey, and in respect of 1995-96, 1997-98 and 2000-01 in the Accommodation Industry Survey.



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