6105.0 - Australian Labour Market Statistics, Apr 2012  
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cat. no. Frequency

Labour Force Survey
Labour Force, Australia 6202.0 Monthly
Labour Force, Australia, Detailed - Electronic Delivery6291.0.55.001Monthly
Labour Force, Australia, Detailed Quarterly6291.0.55.003Quarterly
Labour force supplementary surveys
Childhood Education and Care, Australia 4402.0 Irregular
Child Employment, Australia 6211.0 Irregular
Education and Work, Australia 6227.0 Annual
Employee Earnings, Benefits & Trade Union Membership, Australia 6310.0 Annual
Forms of Employment, Australia 6359.0 Annual
Job Search Experience, Australia 6222.0 Annual
Labour Force Experience, Australia 6206.0 Biennial
Labour Force Status & Other Characteristics of Recent Migrants, Australia 6250.0 Triennial
Labour Mobility, Australia 6209.0 Biennial
Locations of Work, Australia 6275.0 Irregular
Persons Not in the Labour Force, Australia 6220.0 Annual
Underemployed Workers, Australia 6265.0 Annual
Working Time Arrangements, Australia 6342.0 Triennial
Multi purpose household surveys
Barriers and Incentives to Labour Force Participation, Australia 6239.0 Biennial
Retirement and Retirement Intentions, Australia(a) 6238.0 Biennial
Work-Related Injuries, Australia 6324.0 Four-yearly
Other labour surveys
Average Weekly Earnings, Australia 6302.0 Quarterly
Employment and Earnings, Public Sector, Australia(b) 6248.0.55.002 Annual
Employee Earnings & Hours, Australia 6306.0 Biennial
Employer Training Expenditure & Practices, Australia 6362.0 Irregular
Employment Arrangements, Retirement & Superannuation, Australia6361.0Irregular
Industrial Disputes, Australia 6321.0.55.001 Quarterly
Job Vacancies, Australia 6354.0 Quarterly
Labour Costs, Australia 6348.0.55.001 Irregular
Labour Force Characteristics of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, Estimates from the Labour Force Survey 6287.0 Annual
Labour Force, Australia: Labour Force Status and Other Characteristics of Families 6224.0.55.001 Irregular
Labour Price Index, Australia 6345.0 Quarterly
Wage & Salary Earners, Public Sector, Australia(b) 6248.0.55.001 Discontinued
Information papers and other reference material
Expansion of Hours Worked Estimates from the Labour Force Survey 6290.0.55.001 Irregular
Australian National Accounts: Concepts, Sources & Methods 5216.0 Irregular
Changes to ABS Measures of Employee Remuneration6313.0 Irregular
Changes to Labour Force Survey Products 6297.0 Irregular
Estimating Average Annual Hours Worked 1352.0.55.077 Irregular
Forthcoming Changes to Labour Force Statistics6292.0 Irregular
Improvements to Family Estimates from the Labour Force Survey 6224.0.55.002 Irregular
Labour Force Survey Sample Design 6269.0 Irregular
Labour Force Survey Standard Errors6298.0 Irregular
Labour Force Survey Standard Errors, Data Cube6298.0.55.001 Irregular
Labour Force Survey Standard Products and Data Item Guide 6103.0 Irregular
Labour Price Index: Concepts, Sources & Methods 6351.0.55.001 Irregular
Labour Statistics: Concepts, Sources & Methods 6102.0.55.001 Irregular
Labour Statistics in Brief, Australia 6104.0 Annual
Labour Statistics News (c)6106.0 Discontinued
Questionnaires Used in the Labour Force Survey 6232.0 Irregular
Year Book, Australia 1301.0 Biennial
Confidentialised Unit Record Files (CURFs)
Microdata: Childhood Education and Care, Expanded CURF, Australia 4402.0.55.001 Irregular
Childhood Education and Care, Australia, Expanded CURF, Technical Manual 4402.0.55.002 Irregular
Employee Earnings and Hours, Australia, CURF, Technical Manual6306.0.55.002 Irregular
Microdata: Forms of Employment, Basic, CURF, Australia6359.0.30.001Irregular
Microdata: Labour Force Survey and Employee Earnings, Benefits and Trade Union Membership, Basic and Expanded CURF, Australia 6202.0.30.001 Biennial
Labour Force Survey and Employee Earnings Benefits and Trade Union Membership, Australia: Basic CURF, Technical Paper 6202.0.30.002 Biennial
Labour Force Survey and Labour Mobility, Australia: Basic and Expanded CURF 6202.0.30.004 Biennial
Labour Force Survey and Labour Mobility, Australia: Basic and Expanded CURF, Technical Manual 6202.0.30.005 Biennial
Microdata: Employment Arrangements, Retirement and Superannuation, Expanded CURF, Australia 6361.0.55.001 Irregular
Microdata: Employee Earnings and Hours, CURF, Australia6306.0.55.001 Irregular
Technical manual: Survey of Education and Training, Australia, Basic and Expanded CURFs, Australia 6278.0.55.001 Irregular
Microdata: Survey of Education and Training, Australia, Basic CURF, Australia 6278.0.55.002 Irregular
Survey of Education and Training, Australia, Expanded CURF, Technical Manual 6278.0.55.003 Irregular
Microdata: Survey of Education and Training, Australia, Expanded CURF, Australia 6278.0.55.004 Irregular
Microdata: Survey of Education and Work, Basic CURF, Australia, May 2009 6227.0.30.001 Biennial
Survey of Income and Housing - CURF, Technical Manual 6541.0 Irregular
Mircodata: Income and Housing, Basic and Expanded CURF, Australia, 2007-08 6541.0.30.001 Irregular
Other publications
Australian Economic Indicators 1350.0 Monthly
Australian National Accounts: National Income, Expenditure & Product 5206.0 Quarterly
Australian Social Trends 4102.0 Quarterly
Australian System of National Accounts 5204.0 Annual
Business Indicators, Australia 5676.0 Quarterly
Census of Population & Housing: Selected Education & Labour Force Characteristics, Australia 2017.0 Irregular
Education & Training Indicators, Australia 4230.0 Irregular
General Social Survey: Summary Results, Australia 4159.0 Irregular
Government Benefits, Taxes & Household Income, Australia 6537.0 Irregular
Household Income & Income Distribution, Australia 6523.0 Biennial
Measures of Australia's Progress 1370.0 Irregular
Regional Wage & Salary Earner Statistics, Australia 5673.0.55.001 Irregular
Superannuation: Coverage & Financial Characteristics, Australia 6360.0 Irregular
Voluntary Work, Australia 4441.0 Irregular

  1. Previously conducted as a labour force supplementary survey in 2000, data now collected as part of the Multi Purpose Household Survey.
  2. The quarterly survey of Employment and Earnings - Public Sector has been replaced with an annual survey, commencing with the 2007-08 reference year. As a result, the June quarter 2007 was the final issue of Wage and Salary Earners, Public Sector, Australia (cat. no. 6248.0.55.001). Data from the annual survey are released in Employment and Earnings, Public Sector, Australia (cat. no. 6248.0.55.002).
  3. Content now contained within Australian Labour Market Statistics (cat. no. 6105.0).

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