3302.0 - Deaths, Australia, 2011 Quality Declaration 
Previous ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 15/11/2012   
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Data in TABLE 21: Deaths, Summary, Statistical Area Level 2—2006 to 2011 for 2010 and earlier years have been concorded, using a correspondence, from the Australian Statistical Geographical Classification (ASGC) to the Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS). There are a number of issues associated with using correspondences. Caution should always be taken when analysing data that have been converted using correspondences, and the potential limitations of the data taken into account. For more information, refer to Information Paper: Converting Data to the Australian Statistical Geography Standard, 2012 (cat. no. 1216.0.55.004).

Sub-state 30 June 2011 estimated resident populations were only compiled based on the 2011 Census of Population and Housing (2011 Census). As such, these 2011 Census based preliminary estimated resident populations are provided and used in the calculation of death rates for sub-state data cubes for the years 2007 to 2011. Thus, these data are not comparable with total state and territory estimated resident population figures released elsewhere in this publication.

Standardised death rates (SDR) are calculated per 1,000 standard population. The standard population is all persons in the Australian population at 30 June 2001. The SDR calculation uses an average of three years of data ending in the reference year shown in the table. The age groups used in the calculations are 0, 1-4, then 5 year groupings from 5-9 through to 80-84 and finally 85+ years.

Standardised death rates have been produced by incorporating Principles 2 and 3. For further information see Principles on the Use of Direct Age-standardisation.

In accordance with ABS confidentiality rules, small cell values for deaths at the Statistical Area Level 2 (SA2) region have been distributed to larger SA2 regions within the same Statistical Area Level 3 (SA3).