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Papers by Catalogue Number

31. Demography - general

3101.0.55.001Information Paper: Rebasing Population Estimates, Australia, 2011, Aug 2011
3106.0.55.001Information Paper: Review of Interstate Migration Method, March 2009
3106.0.55.002Demography Working Paper 2004/2 - Interpretation and use of Overseas Arrivals and Departures Estimates, Sep 2004
3106.0.55.003Demography Working Paper 2004/3 - Calculating Experimental Life Tables for Use in Population Estimates and Projections of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, 1991 to 2001
3107.0.55.001Information Paper: Australian Demographic Statistics, New Format Time Series Spreadsheets , 2005
3107.0.55.002Information Paper: Determining Seats in the House of Representatives - Legislative Requirements for Provision of ABS Statistics, 2005
3107.0.55.003Information Paper: Improved Methods for Estimating Net Overseas Migration, 2006
3107.0.55.004Information Paper: Population Projections, Australia, New Format Time Series Spreadsheets, 2004 to 2101
3107.0.55.005Information Paper: Statistical Implications of Improved Methods for Estimating Net Overseas Migration, Australia, 2007
3107.0.55.006Information Paper: Population Concepts, 2008
3108.0Demography Working Paper 1979/1 - Population Estimates in Australia: A Discussion Paper, 1979
3109.0Demography Working Paper 1996/1 - Evaluation of Administrative Data Sources for Use in Quarterly Estimation of Interstate Migration Between 1996 and 2001, 1996
3110.0Demography Working Paper 1996/2 - 1996 Review of Demography Statistics, 1996
3111.0Demography Working Paper 1996/3 - Estimating Families: An Examination of Methodological Issues, Data Sources and Provisional Estimates., 1996
3112.0Demography Working Paper 1996/4 - When ERPs aren't Enough, 1996
3113.0Demography Working Paper 1998/1 - Issues in Estimating Small Area Populations, 1998
3114.0Demography Working Paper 1998/2 - Quarterly Birth and Death Estimates, 1998
3115.0Demography Working Paper 1999/1 - Projections of Households, Families and Living Arrangements, 1999
3116.0Demography Working Paper 1999/2 - Estimating Interstate Migration, 1996 - 2001, 1996 - 2001
3117.0Demography Working Paper 1999/3 - Service Population Pilot Study: An Investigation to Assess the Feasibility of Producing Service Population Estimates for Selected LGAs., 1999
3118.0Demography Working Paper 1999/4 - Measuring Census Undercount in Australia and New Zealand, 1999
3119.0Demography Working Paper 2000/1 - Production of Post-Censal Small Area Estimates of Households - A Preliminary Investigation, 2000
3120.0Demography Working Paper 2000/2 - Draft Experimental Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Abridged Life Tables, Australia and States/Territories, 1995-97, 1995 to 1997
3121.0Demography Working Paper 2000/3 - Methods and Procedures for Estimating Small Area Populations in Australia, 2000
3122.0Demography Working Paper 2000/4 - Category Jumping: Trends, Demographic Impact and Measurement Issues, 2000
3123.0Demography Working Paper 2001/1 - Estimating July to December 2000 Net Overseas Migration, 2000
3124.0Demography Working Paper 2001/2 - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Mortality: Evaluation of Experimental Indigenous Life Tables, Mar 2001
3125.0Demography Working Paper 2001/3 - Improving Household Estimates, 2001
3126.0Demography Working Paper 2001/4 - Issues in Estimating the Indigenous Population, 2001
3127.0Demography Working Paper 2001/5 - Evaluation of Administrative Data Sources for Use in Quarterly Estimation of Internal Migration Between 2001 and 2006, 2001 to 2006
3127.0.55.001Information Paper: Evaluation of Administrative Data Sources for Use in Quarterly Estimation of Interstate Migration, 2006 to 2011
3128.0Demography Working Paper 2001/6 - Rebasing Australia's Demographic Estimates Using The 2001 Census Of Population And Housing, 2001
3129.0Demography Working Paper 2001/7 - Statistical Requirements for Overseas Arrivals and Departures Data at September 2001, 2001
3130.0Demography Working Paper 2001/8 - Incorporating Unauthorised Arrivals into Population Estimates, 2001
3131.0Demography Working Paper 2002/1 - Overseas Arrivals and Departures Statistics Dissemination Plan, 2002
3132.0Demography Working Paper 2002/2 - Estimated Resident Population and Effects of Census Systems Created Records, 2002
3133.0Demography Working Paper 2003/1 - Estimated Resident Population and Measurement of Category Jumping, 2003
3134.0Demography Working Paper 2003/2 - 2001 Net Undercount, 2001
3135.0Demography Working Paper 2003/3 - Consultation on Assumptions for Population Projections, Australia, 2002-2101, 2002 to 2101
3136.0Demography Working Paper 2003/4 - A New Dissemination Strategy for Overseas Arrivals and Departure Statistics, 2003
3137.0Demography Working Paper 2003/5- Net Overseas Migration: Adjusting for Actual Duration of Stay or Absence, 2003

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